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Overview Presentation

Butler is a Trello Power-Up that provides built-in workflow automation. We know that Trello is a simple-to-use productivity tool made up of a system of visual boards, lists, and cards. Power-Ups are third-party applications that extend, expand, or enhance the features of users’ boards by bringing in additional functionality into Trello. Butler gives users the ability to work smarter and faster by providing them workflow automation capabilities. With custom automations, rules, and scheduled commands, among others, they can automate processes and save time that they can spend on more important tasks. For a great reporting and exporting tool for Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Rule-based automation – Butler Power-Up includes rules that users can set, and will trigger automatically when actions are performed on boards. They automatically react to actions on boards, and operate across the entire board for all members. They can handle complex actions and automate processes on boards. For example, a rule can be set that whenever a card is moved into another list, a checklist is added to the card with a due date 2 days hence, and assigned to a specific team member.
  • Custom automations – This automation Power-Up allows users to create custom automations for cards and boards. Custom card buttons perform card-level tasks and actions when clicked. They appear at the card back. Custom board buttons execute tasks across an entire board, and are visible at the top of the board. These custom automations can perform multiple operations in a single click. For instance, a custom card button when clicked can move a card to specific list, add a due date and a board member, and apply a specific label.
  • Scheduled commands, Recommendations, and more – Butler has other automation tools available with Business Class and Enterprise plan customers. Scheduled commands can organize, clean up, and update boards at set dates and times. Date commands automatically trigger actions around upcoming or past due dates. These calendar commands are great for recurring tasks and regular board maintenance. Also, Butler has a ‘Recommended for you’ button that when clicked will take a quick scan of users’ boards, analyze the most common actions, and suggest recommended buttons that can be created in a click. Automations does not require coding skills, and can be created using natural language.


Butler is available to all Trello users. It is included in Business Class and Enterprise plans. Free and Gold Trello users require an open slot to enable Butler. Users on free plan are limited to basic actions, 1 card button, 1 board button, and 1 rule per board, with a quota of 50 command runs per month. Users subscribed to paid plans have access to more features such as a higher number of commands, higher quotas, scheduled commands, custom field actions, email notifications, HTTP requests, and others.

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Target Market

Butler Power-Up is for Trello users who can benefit from process automations. Users who perform a lot of repetitive actions, and who needs regular organization, maintenance, and updates of boards will greatly benefit from this workflow automation tool.

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Why Butler

Butler Power-Up can free users from spending time on repetitive tasks. As a native automation application, all users can take advantage of the benefits derived from automating processes. They can then spend valuable time on more creative and analytical tasks important in their line of work.

Company Info

Butler is a product of Trello. Previously, Butler is owned by Ludable LLC, founded by Oscar Triscon in 2016. In December 2018, Trello announced it has acquired Butler, which is one of their most popular Power-Ups. Oscar is now part of the Trello team. Trello itself has been acquired by Atlassian, the makers of Jira software, in 2017.

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