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ClickUp is a versatile online project management solution that aims to be a replacement for multiple productivity and collaboration tools. While its guided setup is user-friendly and intuitive, project managers and teams looking to run their day-to-day operations on ClickUp will benefit from investing a little time with any of these ClickUp tutorials and training courses.

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Top ClickUp Tutorials

ClickUp is a power platform built for individuals, teams, and companies of every size. With an available free plan, scalable premium plans, and a rich set of features, ClickUp is a popular PM system option for any organization looking for a flexible, all-in-one software solution.

And while its highly visual, intuitive interface offers many useful tools and features, new users can sometimes get overwhelmed by ClickUp’s breadth of available features. Also, some users wonder if they are using it optimally for their business. The following list of tutorials, guides, and videos can help beginners get started and seasoned users to learn best practices in using ClickUp.

ClickUp’s Tutorial Videos and On-Demand Demos

ClickUp itself provides several resources easily accessible from its website. From the Learn menu, users can choose Demos and see a dedicated page of tutorial videos and on-demand demos. Users can choose from several use case videos including a product tour and short videos of how team members, managers, and executives use the project management tool in their day-to-day work.

From this Demos page, users with different skills and experiences can choose an on-demand demo for a quick tutorial. Users who are new to project management software entirely, or transitioning from emails, spreadsheets, and hand-written notes to a digital solution can watch the Beginner demo. Demos for intermediate and advanced users are also available.

ClickUp’s Videos

ClickUp’s video library page offers videos for users who want to get started, learn more about its features, attend webinars, or just see watch short videos with quick tips (which it calls “ClickTips”). A user can choose from several categories. From the Getting Started tab, they can watch onboarding videos, and learn about ClickUp’s different work views, task management, or its unique hierarchy.

From the Videos page, users can go deeper, with workflow management, time management, and collaboration. Other videos include demonstrations of how to integrate the PM tool with other apps, tutorial videos from third-party sites and communities, as well as company video blogs (vlogs). For viewers who prefer watching on YouTube, ClickUp’s collection of videos is also available on its YouTube channel.

ClickUp’s Help Center

Users who have particular questions about ClickUp can go directly to its Help Center. The Help Center provides a knowledge base format where users can easily start typing in the search bar about a particular question or topic. Aside from this helpful search, the Help page also has quick links to API documentation, guided learning on ClickUp University, webinar schedules, and ready-to-use templates.

In the Help Center, users will find categories of the most searched or asked topics about ClickUp. Some top categories include best practices for getting started, in-depth discussion of the platform’s hierarchy, detailed capabilities of its features, and plans, invoices, and billing, among others. The Help page also includes a list of the most viewed articles.

Stewart Gauld Beginner’s Guide to ClickUp

Stewart Gauld helps small businesses implement digital strategies to bring them up to pace and achieve growth through digital activities. He produces free and actionable content including a Beginner’s Guide to ClickUp.

After walking the user through the initial setup, this comprehensive guide shows the step-by-step instruction for creating the workspace and inviting team members. The guide also covers navigating with the ClickUp account, discussing the project structure, showing how to create a custom dashboard, and collaborating on documents. Other topics covered are how to use quick actions, create a space or project, manage lists, add tasks, add and manage columns, and more. A video version of the guide is also available on his YouTube channel.

ProcessDriven ClickUp Training 101

ProcessDriven is a blog that provides an approach to help small teams implement business systems and standard operating procedures. The team members of ProcessDriven are proponents of ClickUp and have published a detailed training guide for setting up the software to help users build strong Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). It starts by enumerating the 3 phases or stages of the setup and training.

The guide continues with a discussion of each of the phases, beginning with defining processes and workflows. After an introduction to business systems and mapping the business in terms of processes, the guide turns to the steps needed to set up ClickUp. It provides clear step-by-step instructions with a brief product tour and discussion of the hierarchy complete with screenshots. The last phase is about documenting the process, as well as tips on how to store the docs in ClickUp.

Scaling With Systems How to Use ClickUp for Beginners

Scaling With Systems provides services to help businesses create a client acquisition system. It’s blog offers free content such as its article on helping beginners learn and use ClickUp software. The author begins with some information about project management in general and a description of ClickUp. Like the other guides and tutorials, it shows how to sign up for an account and set up the software.

The article then discusses ClickUp’s plans and pricing, as well as the important topic of hierarchy. Moving on to a quick tour of its features, the tutorial shows how to create dashboards with widgets, and lists different integrations that are available. What is unique in this article is its discussion of ClickUp’s benefits, pros and cons, mistakes to avoid, along with a comparison with a competitor tool, Asana. A YouTube video is also available.

Cloudwards Basic ClickUp Tutorials

Cloudwards’ basic tutorial describes the project management tool, shows multiple work views, and introduces advanced features. The page’s collapsible/expandable sections allow readers to get to the most important topics.

Cloudwards’ discussion of the hierarchy of workspaces, spaces, folders, lists, and tasks will be quite helpful for those who are new to ClickUp. The tutorial also shows how to set up the account and finalize the setup in an easy-to-follow step-by-step way, complete with screenshots.

ZenPilot’s ClickUp for Agencies: The Definitive Guide

ZenPilot provides consultancy services for agencies struggling with the challenges of developing and launching process and project management. To keep the complexities of these processes in line, ZenPilot recommends ClickUp to its customers. It’s article ClickUp for Agencies: The Definitive Guide describes the software as well as answering important questions on why it prefers ClickUp to other systems including Asana, Teamwork, or Trello.

The guide outlines best practice recommendations on how to organize work and structure an agency’s work in ClickUp. The guide also includes examples of how to set up folders and lists for clients; how to choose the most useful work views for a particular situation; how to set task status defaults; and how to map advanced feature requirements. Finally, it offers suggestions on creating a custom field, using templates, training the team, and assigning a ClickUp Champion.

Simplilearn Full ClickUp Tutorial

Simplilearn’s ClickUp tutorial begins by showing the steps for setting up an account, as well as guiding the reader on other important settings like adding integrations. The tutorial proceeds with the rest of the set up process such as selecting a workspace and team size, setting the workspace name, and inviting others to the team.

Other topics covered are ClickUp’s horizontal hierarchy of views, fields, and tasks, as well as its vertical hierarchy of spaces, folders, and lists. Lastly, it provides a short product tour of features like home, notifications, dashboards, and docs.

Coursera: Introduction to Project Management with ClickUp

Coursera’s Introduction to Project Management with ClickUp is a free, 2-hour guided course with a 4.6/5 rating from about 600 participants with a total of over 20,000 enrolled.

The introductory course has no prerequisites. Instead, it aims to teach learners how to create and organize a ClickUp workspace for project management and business needs. The course is shown on a split screen where one area shows the student’s work area and the other half of the screen shows the instructor guiding the student step-by-step, all from a browser.

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Ready to start with your ClickUp training?

ClickUp is a comprehensive productivity and collaboration tool that enables users to place all their digital work in it. Our recommended ClickUp tutorials list can help users get familiar with the tool, learn about best practices, and get the most out of the software.

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