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Process and communication is important for any project team. This is especially true for organizations working with external clients who are paying for, reviewing, and approving important deliverables.

Creative marketing and advertising agencies are just the types of businesses that can benefit from help in this area. They often have individuals on teams working independently on multiple parts of a larger deliverable, making it easy to lose sight of details and risk error if work moves too far along in between reviews.

ClickUp as an Agency Management Tool

Agencies are known for high-quality creative work that gets produced quickly for high-caliber clients and their wide breadth of audiences. ClickUp is a perfect fit for any agency wanting to keep everyone working in tandem on a project and have all of the details about that project close at hand and all in one place.

The constant back-and-forth required by highly creative teams and the clients they support makes a tool like ClickUp a must. You may already know ClickUp as a project management solution. Now, let’s see how well it serves the advertising and marketing world.

Key Features and Use Cases

Agencies have unique needs surrounding their business that will help and at times hinder work progress. ClickUp includes key features that give any creative shop the ability to focus on work and produce award-winning products by managing it all in one place.

Task management and scheduling

ClickUp’s scheduling and task management capabilities are features that support areas every project lead needs support with. A busy agency sees dozens of work items per person, and this volume of task management across a team can tax any seasoned manager.

ClickUp offers customized scheduling and task management abilities, so project leads can:

  • Plan, assign, prioritize, and collaborate on a timeline.
  • See who is doing what at any given point in time, including sub-tasks, and tasks assigned to more than one individual.
  • Save time with recurring tasks and scheduling reminders set up instantly in the system.

Reviews and approvals for documents

ClickUp Docs are smartly integrated with tasks and projects, allowing project teams to take immediate action and keep things moving along at a rapid pace. With ClickUp Docs, users can:

  • Use Pages to structure and drag and drop written content.
  • Add images to content, import from other apps for collaborative editing, and export to other programs for sharing outside of ClickUp.
  • Comment and tag people for collaboration and set privacy settings for each type of user to designate authors, contributors, and reviewers and commenters.

The entire history of a document can be accessed in one place, so there is never a question as to how something came to be or versioning issues.

Plan campaigns

Using ClickUp as a campaign management tool, marketing teams can carry out successful marketing campaigns from start to finish. Everything needed to organize, launch, and review campaigns over time, from discovery to kickoff to post campaign analysis, can be found in ClickUp.

ClickUp supports strategic marketing efforts by helping marketing teams keep track of campaigns and their action item lists, so teams are confident they will hit every deadline. In addition, ClickUp enables users to plan work on a timeline, allocate workload resources, and bring all work together in a high-level overview with real-time dashboards and views.

Team collaboration and communications

Communication and collaboration across teams is essential to keep a campaign moving forward smoothly. ClickUp’s task management functionality makes it easy to convert comments in documents to action items and tasks, which can be assigned to one or more people to execute the work. And an integrated Chat feature lets users share instant updates and add anyone to conversations and channels with a simple @mention.

Internal teams

For internal teams, ClickUp keeps teams informed and creates engagement with Internal Communication Templates. Internal communication across teams makes information about the company accessible, so everyone can execute the work well while benefiting from a flow of information between teams, departments, and colleagues.

External clients

For external clients, ClickUp can work as a default communication method. ClickUp will save users time by keeping all information in one place and eliminating multiple programs. With ClickUp, users can communicate in the following ways:

  • Provide updates to and align client stakeholders.
  • Request updates from individuals.
  • Record meeting minutes in tasks, comments, or Docs.
  • Assign action items or create them from comments and chats.
  • Gather feedback from reviews and respond to questions.


The sheer number of features that can be customized in ClickUp make this a powerful agency tool, requiring no special code or confusing add ons. ClickUp enables marketing teams to plan and customize any aspect of a campaign using custom statuses and available templates to tailor workflows, features, and tags specific to marketing and advertising efforts. Moreover, customizations are constantly evolving, and new options are added weekly.

ClickUp Use Cases

ClickUp turns marketing campaign leaders into efficient and reliable managers. Find confidence in handling use cases unique to marketing and advertising agencies.

Startup agency management

Small startups need to focus more time on getting things done and less on setting up and figuring out how to connect the dots. ClickUp lets marketing leads get up and running instantly with the features they need now and allow them to build as they go.

Build client brands

Marketing teams can use ClickUp as a project management tool to build a beautiful client brand from the ground up. It enables teams to build individual campaigns to support the brand and client through pretty much anything they can imagine.

Customer journey mapping

ClickUp has a ready-to-go customer journey mapping template to get marketing teams started, with a visual Whiteboard to document customers’ experiences with brand, products, and services. From here, teams can customize to include important pieces, such as actions, and touch and pain points to refine the perfect plan for clients.

Manage multiple clients and projects

With ClickUp, marketing leads can simplify the management of multiple projects and clients simultaneously by clearly juggling activities, deliverables, deadlines, clients, and stakeholders. Marketing leads can get everything set up and in place, prioritize and delegate work, and track progress without burning out.

Streamline product releases

ClickUp allows marketing teams to quickly and cleverly develop an iterative process for creating marketing materials and ads. Marketing leads can set a schedule, assign tasks with deadlines, track progress, and save as a template to use again for similar work or later phases.

Ready to Use ClickUp for Your Advertising and Marketing Campaigns?

The all-in-one format of this universal solution gives marketing managers the full suite of support needed to plan, execute, and track campaigns, with more time spent getting work done and less time juggling multiple tools and resources.

ClickUp can handle any campaign detail through its customizable and extensive feature set, applicable to a wide range of use cases. Let ClickUp support you every step of the way, so you can do what you do best — keeping customers happy and coming back for more.

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