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Basecamp is a popular project management and business collaboration software. It is an online tool that helps teams and companies become more organized and productive across platforms and devices. Users can choose between their web browser, desktop application or mobile device to check the latest status, communicate with their team, and update everyone with their progress. The company 37signals created the software in 1999. In 2014, they changed their name to Basecamp. Now running in their 20th year with the third iteration of their product, the company has surpassed 3 million accounts signed up. Before we start this top tutorials list, if you ever need a tool to boost your Basecamp experience with great charts and reports, we highly recommend using Bridge24 for Basecamp.

The Top Tutorials

Basecamp is used by freelancers, startups, SMBs, large enterprises, multinational companies, government offices and NGOs. They use it primarily for collaboration, project tracking, and task management for internal teams and clients. Below is a top list of Basecamp resources, online video tutorials, training courses, slides, and other sites to help those interested to learn and master the software especially for project management purposes.

1. Basecamp Basics

Basecamp provides a dedicated learning page to help new users master the basics. With a collection of short video tutorials, they can learn how to use the HQ, Teams, and Projects to organize and manage their company. They can also learn about the different set of tools, when to use discussion threads, why Automatic Check-Ins are better than regular status meetings, and more. All in all, they can get more confident in using the PM tool in 15 minutes or so.

2. LinkedIn Learning

Learning Basecamp 3 is a LinkedIn Learning course created by Bonnie Biafore. It is a 2-hour 47-minute course for beginners. They will learn how to manage projects and teams using the software. Topics include choosing the right version of Basecamp and its pricing, creating an account, a team, to-do lists, and more. The course, which was created in 2017, is divided into 8 modules and a conclusion.

3. Basecamp Classes

Basecamp also holds free live online classes from time to time. For example, three scheduled live classes will be held this coming September. The Intro to Basecamp 3 class will teach participants the basics of using the application, and ample time for Q&A. Also, two scheduled live Ask an Expert sessions will be held this September as well. Those interested are invited to register for the particular scheduled session they would like to attend.

4. Udemy – Basecamp 3 Fundamentals

Basecamp 3 Fundamentals is a Udemy course created in 2017. The course aims to teach students how to effectively manage their projects online using Basecamp software. The course has a 50%-off promotion price of $9.99. It includes 3 hours of on-demand video taught by Optimus Consulting. A total of 380 students have enrolled. The course has received an average of 4.4/5 rating from 8 reviews.

5. Basecamp Help

Another excellent resource from the company is the Basecamp Help page. It includes several How-to Guides and The Manual. Users can choose from online guides such as Getting Started, Working in Projects, Working with Clients, and How We Work. The Manual is a quick reference that discusses several topics such as people and permissions, personal settings, account and billing, as well as switching from Basecamp 2 to Basecamp 3.

6. Udemy – Learn Basecamp 3

Learn Basecamp 3 Project Management Software is a Udemy online course that includes 37 minutes of on-demand video and 4 articles. It is aimed at new employees, freelancers, project managers, and business owners. Students will learn how to sign up for a Basecamp 3 account, create and complete tasks and to-dos, communicate with clients, and more. It is created and taught by Rich Peterson in 2016. A total of 995 students have enrolled since, with an average rating of 4/5.

7. Udemy – Learn Project Management with Basecamp

Learn Project Management with Basecamp is another Udemy course with a focus on teaching project management using Basecamp as the PM tool. It includes 1-hour on-demand video as well as a downloadable resource. The course is ideal for anyone who wants to manage a project or team, and also learn a new skill. The course was created in 2014 by Charlie Craine, so this may also be with Basecamp 2. A total of 560 students have enrolled, receiving an average rating of 3.7.

8. CodeArmada

CodeArmada is a provider of business solutions, technology and outsourcing services. It has a Basecamp Training course that is divided into 5 phases. The interactive course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent lab/exercise. Phase I to IV are all 4 hours each, and covers introduction, practical usage, advanced usage, and tips and tricks. Phase V is a 40-hour course for real-world projects. The course can be availed online, on-site group training, or private one-to-one tutoring.

9. Slideshare Basecamp Tutorial

This Slideshare deck is a tutorial on How to Use Basecamp (A Project Management Application). It was created in 2013, so the author may be using Basecamp 2 as reference. The deck has a total of 164 slides and has been viewed 20k times since.


Basecamp is a user-friendly productivity tool that improves collaboration when working on projects. It is designed to support project management best practices, so teams and companies are closer to successfully delivering their projects for their clients or company more than ever. Aside from getting a simple but dependable platform, users also get excellent customer support and know-how from a pioneer.

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