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Axosoft is an agile project management software. Formerly called OnTime, it is a highly popular Scrum tool for managing software development projects. Companies that are using agile Scrum practices need the right tools to make sure their customers get working software on time. That means being able to plan effectively, follow the right process, collaborate as needed, fix issues promptly, and do all other things in a central place. That includes receiving feedback from and giving support to customers.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Planning and Workflow ToolsAxosoft enables users to plan for their product with the tools that can collect all details and information. With the right product backlog, the team can start the needed project, release, version and sprints and bring them to completion. Velocity charts and capacity indicators make sure the estimates and workload are just right. With predefined workflows, users can use Scrum, Kanban or a fully customized one to support a specific type of process. With a visual drag-and-drop Kanban board, they can work on their user stories, defects, or incidents quickly and easily.
  • Collaboration and Reporting Tools – The Daily Scrum mode provide project managers, Scrum Masters and others the information which tasks have been completed by whom, what they are working on currently, and issues that have come up regarding the tasks. For any updates, customized email notification will make sure everyone is informed. Filters, views and wikis provide the right information for everyone involved. From the dashboard, users can easily see progress with the help of visual information showing burndown charts, velocities, workloads and projections. Reports are generated quickly from any backlog view.
  • Customer Portal, Integration and more – Axosoft Scrum software puts the customer at the center with a branded Customer Portal. Customers are informed about any specific project, release, wiki or development information. With email-to-ticket automation, canned response, and in-app conversation threads, they will always feel prioritized as their issues are tracked and resolved. Also, the API enables the software to connect to a number of services and tools such as Bugsnag, GitHub, Salesforce, TestLodge, Slack, Visual Studio, Usersnap, and Zendesk.

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Axosoft agile project management software is free for up to 10 users. From 11 and up, users can avail of the Complete plan which costs $25 per user billed every month. Aside from unlimited active users, the Complete plan comes with features that can track and manage features, incidents, additional custom item types, has stack ranking and capacity planning function, measure velocity and generate burndown charts, has the Daily Scrum mode, and other help desk and wiki features. People can try the software for free for 14 days. For the on-premise solution, the Professional edition is priced at $995 for 5 users, at $249 per additional user, and $3,995 for 10 users for the Enterprise edition, at $499 per additional user.

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Target Market

Axosoft agile project management software is ideal for software development companies using Scrum method. Other product development companies can also use the customizable software. It is valuable for Scrum Masters, project managers, and other project stakeholders.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Boeing, Cisco, NASA, Pixafy, Refinery29, Riptide and Choice Provisions.

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Jo Overline of Dapper Gentleman stated that through Axosoft, they are able to accurately bid their time and costs in building apps. Their confidence in giving numbers have resulted in getting more business.

Calvin Fabre of Envoc described this Scrum software as having all the practical features that are actually needed in a software development tool and none of the superfluous ones. He can go on vacation, check the dashboard, and not worry about the profitability of the company.

Why Axosoft

Agile and Scrum are great methods and practices in building the kind of software that customers really want and can use. However, the team that develops these awesome apps and programs should have the right tools so they can focus on their job. Axosoft is a leader in Scrum software. It has a proven track record, it is built for agile and the team that develops it can focus and strive to make it great.

Company Info

Axosoft is a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, USA. It was founded by Hamid Shojaee in 2002. As a senior consultant and project manager back then, Hamid build a program called OnTime so he would know for himself which resource is working on which task. He gave copies of the program to others for free, and soon, they were asking him for more features that they are willing to pay for. Since then, the company has built and continues to build a working environment that attracts smart people to come up with solutions to tough problems. Their other products include Pure Chat and

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