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Launched commercially in 2012, Asana is a work and project management platform that simplifies your organizational workflow. Now that we’re 10 years removed from the initial release, the development team has been hard at work, adding new features and functionality – and it’s not surprising that they have some exciting updates ready for fall 2022.

What’s New with Asana?

Asana is already known for helping organizations complete projects 50% faster. Some of the features that make this possible include general project management, day-to-day planning, task prioritization, customizable to-do lists, automation, and reporting. While their latest updates expand on some of these elements and even introduce a few new ones, much of the core functionality remains the same. But what’s new for fall 2022? How has Asana’s development team expanded on their pre-existing features, and, for long-time users, what new features have they added with the latest update?
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Enhanced Goal-Setting

Goals and milestones are critical to the success of any extended project. These measurements give managers and executives increased visibility into the day-to-day progress of the project, and they give the project’s team members a means of gauging their productivity over a long-term basis. The first of their fall 2022 updates revolves around older Asana enterprise features and, specifically, the Asana Work Graph. It provides a highly flexible approach to organizing, delegating, and prioritizing work for your team.
The Asana Work Graph showing a Marketing Dashboard.
Image: Asana
Many project and workflow management platforms depend on a one-to-one relationship between a project team and their data. Known as the traditional container data model, this requires all of your team’s data to live in one location. By providing a platform that aggregates data and content from multiple sources, the Asana Work Graph facilitates a one-to-many relationship between your team and their data. A long-time staple of the Asana platform, their development team has taken the Asana Work Graph and applied it to enterprise goal-setting. It’s complemented by goal snapshots, which provide key information and metrics at a glance. These features give key project stakeholders greater insight into organizational goals, how teams are progressing toward goals, and insight into any potential challenges they may face along the way.

Native Time Tracking

The Asana platform is known for doing a lot of things right. One area they’ve always ignored, however, is time management – until now. Asana’s new features include native time tracking functionality, so there’s no need to deal with any third-party integrations, and they’re capable of tracking current session time, total time tracked overall and even estimated project timelines. It’s a relatively standard feature in many similar platforms, and it’s been a popular user request for years. To see the developers acknowledge user feedback and implement one of the most requested features is a sign that Asana is dedicated to improving the end-user experience.
Asana’s new time tracking functionality.
Image: Asana
Overall, the implementation of native time tracking is a simple addition that’s set to have a huge impact. Whether you were amongst the users requesting this feature or even if you’re new to Asana in general, it’s an addition that’s bound to have a positive effect on your future projects.

Improved Workflows

Much of Asana’s functionality has always revolved around workflow management, so it’s no surprise that their Fall 2022 update touches on this area, too. These improvements are meant to make Asana a centralized hub for all of your team’s project and organizational needs. Some of these new features come via upgrades to pre-existing integrations, including:
  • Twilio: Receive instant SMS notifications regarding new or urgent tasks.
  • PagerDuty: Automatically alert your entire team and create a new incident to track whenever productivity stalls.
  • Gmail: Aggregate data across various tools and utilities to predict and prevent bottlenecks before they occur.
Asana for Workplace from Meta, a brand new integration, lets your team turn their Asana Workplace conversations and messages into project-specific tasks without even leaving the platform. Users can also manage projects and coordinate day-to-day activities with the new integration.
Asana for Workplace from Meta.
Image: Asana
These new features come in addition to what Asana for Workplace already offers, which includes:
  • Creation of Asana tasks directly from Workplace posts, comments, and chats
  • Workplace notifications of Asana projects
  • Authenticated and verified previews of online links and documents
  • Interactive chatbot that uses next-gen AI to mimic natural human speech patterns
  • Automated group bot to post notifications and alerts
All of these features, both new and old, come together to create a more robust user experience while empowering teams with tools that streamline and optimize their daily workflow.

Greater Security

Integrated IT security has always been a cornerstone of Asana. Not only is their entire platform built around multiple layers of protection that protect data when it’s processed, stored, or transmitted, but they’ve always had a comprehensive set of admin controls to provide increased data visibility at all times. Their most important security features include:
  • 128-bit data encryption
  • Least privilege access
  • Public bug bounties
  • Secure software development processes
But their Fall 2022 update includes even more. Some new security tools included in the latest version include:
  • Support for data auditing
  • The ability to flag vulnerabilities
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance
  • An option for biometric authentication when using the mobile app
Asana is also partnering with Nightfall – an industry leader in data loss prevention (DLP) – to make it easier to scan sensitive data and identify information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more. Coupled with a new eDiscovery integration with Hanzo, users will be able to create legal records directly from their content within Asana. They’ve also launched several two new global data centers, one in Australia and the other in Japan. Organizations in these regions should find it easier to address any security concerns and access technical support as needed.

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How Can I Make the Most of Asana’s New Features?

The platform is regularly updated by the development team with Asana. New features and elements are often introduced through these updates, so users are encouraged to check their official site often for the latest news and updates. Additionally, read our list of the 10 best Asana tutorials to become a master of the Asana platform in no time.

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