Top Software Alternatives to Podio


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Citrix Podio

Businesses rely on project management software like Podio to help every team member follow the right processes and best practices. For organizations looking for a Podio alternative, this list will help you narrow down your choices.

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Podio Alternatives: What to Look for

Podio is a flexible platform that consolidates business data to provide a centralized project management solution. Users in search of the best project management software for their needs should consider the following features:

  • Tiered plans, including a free plan, for scalability
  • Option to pay plans on a monthly or annual basis
  • Drag-and-drop interface for customizing business apps
  • Different data fields for custom project management and task tracking
  • Built-in tool to link fields, label data, or tag conversations for better organization
  • Visual indicators to show project and task progress
  • Integrated project management dashboards and reports with filtering
  • Webforms, project templates, and workflow automation
  • Issue tracking and time tracking
  • Shared workspaces and calendars for easy collaboration
  • File and task management
  • Team communication tools like chat and video calling
  • Integration to other web apps and services and/or open API

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Top Software Alternatives to Podio

The most common use cases of Podio are as project management software, CRM software, and a social intranet app. For project management in particular, we recommend these top Podio alternatives for their features, flexibility, and first-rate support.

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What Is Podio?

Citrix Podio is flexible work management and project management software with customizable workspaces and features to facilitate data consolidation and team collaboration. It includes a low-code, drag-and-drop interface to allow users to create custom business apps for project planning, contact management, sales tracking, task management, process automation, resource management, and agile development — among others.

Podio allows users the flexibility to design the structure of their project management solution. Users can choose which data fields to bring together in order to consolidate content and conversations. They can create work views, like Gantt charts or kanban boards, to quickly get an overview of project or task progress.

Podio also integrates well with many popular apps. It has native iOS and Android mobile apps, available extensions for a variety of use cases, and an open API to allow developers build the right app for their needs.

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Ready to Try a Podio Alternative?

Project management software that has customizable features, like Podio, enables companies to deploy flexible tools across teams and departments. For users looking for a Podio alternative, check our software recommendations to help start your search for the right project management solution.

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