5 Rules to Follow to Manage Any Project


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A good project management team knows that no matter how many shortcomings are there; a project should always be completed on time. It is the perfect application of time, knowledge, human resources and resources to bring out the best of the project. Managing Projects is not a Herculean’s Task. It is just monitoring of the team and making sure the deadlines are met. If this is your view of Project Management, then it is wrong. Successful Project Managers know that if there is discipline in following the plan, then it is straightforward to initiate, plan out and optimize the given resources and then execute.

If you are a good manager and you are into reading management books, you can see that everyone resorts to Six Sigma or Lean Management. These both involve the maximization of output by optimizing the given resources. All necessary steps are taken not to exceed the budget or to extend the deadline.

Thus here are some project management rules you can follow so that you can do an excellent job.

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1. A Great Project Plan

One of the golden rules of success is to have a great plan. Without planning, you cannot allocate resources to the team, and you cannot make a timeline. Thus if you want to know how to be the best project manager, then you need to come up with a good plan. All you need to do is to document and keep the record of all the project milestones. In addition to this, add up a doable timescale and deadline so that everyone in your team can get to meet the deadlines.

2. Taking care of the Expectations

This is one of the top rules of project management, which will take you in the path of success. To be up to everyone’s expectations, you need to break down the listed down actions into smaller parts or have frequent milestones to deliver. This way, you can send an impression to your client that you are making progress regularly and also show that you are building up the project slowly. When you manage the expectations, they will let you know the feedback, and you can fix all their issues in time.

3. Be Flexible

This is ultimately one of the most prominent roles of the project manager. When you are agile, you can respond to the threats and shortcomings involved quickly. Also, since there is a lot of change in the trends, it is not correct to always follow the traditional project management techniques. There are a lot of formalities that need to be done when you are using the old methods which can slow you down.

4. Working as a team

There are a lot of rules and expectations in the project management, and one of the most important ones is to work as a team. You need to be a team player to ensure that the project you are working on is enjoyable and workable. Be at ease with your teammates and have a good rapport with each other. Only strong teamwork can help you achieve the deadlines as everyone is on the same page.

5. Risk Management

If you search the market and see some successful project management examples, you will notice that they had healthy risk management. This is what every project manager should do. Maintain a risk database that monitors over the live project and gives the full freedom to your team members to report criticism or the challenges faced by them. A considerable amount of risks should be, and you need a dose to keep these risks at bay.

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Always keep in mind to never lose focus on these 5 critical rules. Your whole approach to managing a project should revolve around them.

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