How to be More Efficient in Your Project Management


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It goes without saying that project management has grown into a necessary part of any businesses strategy. Being able to plan and execute an effective project requires precise planning and paying attention to an enormous amount of details. At any given time, project managers may be tasked with a large number of responsibilities, which can cause a strain on their work and effect the project’s overall success. In order to be more efficient in your project management, the project manager must ensure that all the steps are properly performed by each member of your team. Following these tips can help to move along your project and improve your chances of success.

Communication is Key

Possibly the most important aspect of any project is communication. Whether it be verbal or nonverbal communication, it is important to make sure everyone involved on the project is thoroughly informed on the ins and outs of its status. Updates, either daily or weekly, will help to keep everyone in the loop of any changes or due dates needed for the project. Explainer videos can be a good way to start communication. These tutorial videos can be sent to all members detailing the roles each person will perform. Having the information presented to everyone in the same manner will help understand each other’s contribution. It is important to remember that communication is a two way street. Those working on the projects should be encouraged to ask questions and communicate with each other in order to ensure clarity. Increased communication will also help make people working on the project feel more comfortable with each, decreasing the chances of hostile work environments.

Training and Refreshers

Even with great communication, unless everyone is trained to do their job, the project cannot succeed. Some projects may involve cross production or require the use of a new method. Training videos are the most efficient way to train for projects because of their versatility. Explainer videos can appeal to all learning styles. Not only do they aid auditory and visual learners, but reading/writing and kinesthetic learners call also benefit from them via instructions and interactive segments. Having these videos available will also allow members of the project to review the material if a refresher is needed or share the videos with member working on a different task for the project to help elaborate on their job.

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You Have To Plan

Following the necessity of communication and training, making sure your project is well planned out will also help improve efficiency in project management. Sticking to a plan will give people references to check on if there is any miscommunication. Calendars should be available to all involved on the project with people being able to see what others are working on and how it applies to their tasks. With everyone aware of the due dates, turn around times, and other deliverables, the project should operate more smoothly. However, planning doesn’t just rely on following a schedule. Contingency plans should be made for each and every task presented. It is impossible to predict emergencies. A lack of resources, interruption to labor, and unexpected illnesses are only a few unfortunate circumstances that can completely derail a project. When planning, there should be people available to make up in the occurrence of one of the workers being absent or allotted time should be built in the planning just in case something of that nature should arise.

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Implement The Latest Resources Available

Work smarter, not harder. Depending on the tasks, there are certain tools to help lighten your workload, but also increase your ROI. An example of this would be a marketing department working on a holiday project for their company in the summer. While some may use this time for detailed planning and communication, the execution may not happen until closer to the end of the year. By using scheduling software and creating templates for social media posts and email campaigns respectively, the project can be completed months in advance, giving more time for more important tasks. Because these projects are saved and completed, if there needs to be changes for any reason, this can be done without a panic or severely altering the project’s calendar. Employing explainer videos will help with consistency and production, ensuring everyone can see exactly what they are supposed to do and providing a resource to refer to. Aside from the aforementioned tools, there are other programs, software, and hardware to help increase efficiency in project management. Calendars, completed tasks, and questions can all be accomplished in one place where everyone can have immediately access to all of it on their phones. Project management is an ongoing responsibility that requires the manager to wear many hats. Communicating, planning, and taking advantage of all resources are three important ways to help increase productivity and efficiently oversee a project. By following these steps, as well as collecting feedback from all parties involved, an increase in efficiency in your project management is more than likely to show.

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