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XebrioXebrio is project management software with tools and features for managing the entire product lifecycle, from requirements to deployment. It allows project teams to deliver applications and products with complete management, control, and tracking of requirements, tasks, progress, testing, issues, and release. A single platform provides the tools that support contextual communication and easy collaboration, aligning teams with stakeholders.

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Xebrio Review: Features and Strengths

Requirements Management

Xebrio lets users manage requirements efficiently, allowing project execution to begin in an organized manner and help the project team stay on track. The requirments management software has a built-in approval workflow, so projects commence only after the stakeholders give approval on project requirements.

It tracks the status of individual requirements at various stages of the project and across versions. The project management software also provides the tools to map requirements with tasks, milestones, and test cases, so users can trace these all the way to deployment. Other features include requirements versioning, use case specification, user stories, and change tracking.

Xebrio Requirements Management

Task Management and Milestone Tracker

Xebrio provides several work visualizations, such as a Kanban board view for a faster and cleaner approach to task assignment and tracking. The Classic list view lets users filter tasks and see task statuses, priorities, and timelines at a glance. The Page view gives structured and detailed information of the task at a granular level.

With milestone tracking capability, users can deliver projects in milestones or sprints. An integrated quality assurance tool lets users view all activities and test artifacts of a milestone with full context. Users can also assign ownership of milestones to individual team members, and unify test builds within the milestone. Custom statuses, custom types, favorite tasks, subtasks, and ongoing tasks are some of the additional features included.

Team Communication, Test Case Management, Release Management, and More

Xebrio features collaboration, with integrated communication tools such as a discussion board where users can plan, strategize, and share ideas. Users can send messages to communicate with context. Notifications keep teams updated about all communication activities and new project information. Users can also share files securely and quickly.

The project management tool includes test management for writing, executing, and tracking test plans with ease. The software release management tool helps ensure streamlined, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) activities that users can monitor systematically.

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Xebrio Pricing

Xebrio pricing is divided into four tiers, depending on the company’s needs. Note that a free 14-day trial is available for all plans; interested parties should submit an email address. The pricing tiers are as follows:

  • Task Management: $10 per user/month, $96 per user/year
  • Requirements Management: $25 per user/month, $240 per user/year
  • Requirements & Test Coverage: $40 per user/month, $384 per user/year
  • Enterprise/On-Premise: Contact sales team

In addition, Xebrio offers startups and small teams a flat rate of $10/month for up to 10 users across all pricing plans.

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Who Uses Xebrio?

Xebrio is valuable to businesses of all sizes in need of a solution for managing multiple projects. It provides users a clear view of process, and the control to track and manage requirements, tasks, workflows, communication, progress, testing, and release.

Companies in the software, IT, technology, finance, telecommunication, and healthcare industries will gain the most benefit in using Xebrio.

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Xebrio Supported Language

Xebrio is only available in English.

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Case Study

Xebrio project management software was instrumental for helping a California software company design, develop, and deploy enterprise-based applications and products. To manage several projects including implementation of Apple’s MFI Stack, the customer used Xebrio project management software to manage and track requirements, as well as keeping track of all important deliverables.

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Why Choose Xebrio?

Xebrio provides a unified project management platform that helps users adhere to a systematic process and best practices in developing products and applications. Integrated features facilitate the consolidation of tools, streamlining activities without the need for additional software or apps that can hinder the workflow and scatter data.

Instead, Xebrio brings a complete ecosystem with a focus on requirements management, collaboration, and traceability. This results in quality products being shipped on time.

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Company Info

Xebrio is a product of Xebrium Inc., a privately held software company founded in 2013 with offices in San Jose, CA, and in Pune, India. The company started Xebrio in-house as a proprietary solution for managing its projects. The project management software gradually evolved into a SaaS product. Its mission is to help change the way companies approach project management, project development, collaboration, and customer deployment.




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