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XebrioXebrio is a project management solution with tools and features for managing the entire product lifecycle from requirements to deployment. It allows project teams to deliver applications and products with complete management, control, and tracking of requirements, tasks, progress, testing, issues, and release. A single platform provides the tools that support contextual communication and easy collaboration, unifying teams and stakeholders at the very start.

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Xebrio : Features and Strengths

Requirements Management

Xebrio enables project teams to define and finalize requirements with stakeholders in a collaborative way. A built-in approval workflow guides all involved to review and freeze requirements for finalization. In case of changes, it has enhancement requirements tool for stakeholders and a requirement versioning tool to track the exact changes. Users can manage the interdependency of requirements with indicators to visualize upstream or downstream requirements. It allows teams to analyze the impact of changed requirements and related requirements. The increased traceability throughout the project lets users to relate tasks and associate test cases and issues to agreed requirements. Xebrio

Task Management and Milestone Tracker

Xebrio task management is customizable for all types of teams and industries. Users can create custom task types and statuses. Tasks can be further segregated into subtasks. For collaboration, users can add stakeholders as watchers and easily share their feedback. The software includes custom permission settings for security while giving access and traceability to those who need it. It also has task-to-requirements mapping, tags, Jira integration, real-time commenting, and time tracking. The Milestone Tracker enables teams to break down the project into measurable goals as well as associate tasks, bugs, and test cases to specific milestones. Users can apply test cases linked to requirements within each milestone. Also, teams can assign a single point of contact for every milestone and task, bug, and test case associated with it for ownership and accountability.

Test Case Management, Release Management, Bug Tracking, and More

Xebrio comes with test case management functionality for teams to plan and schedule testing activities. It is flexible to accommodate different test methodologies. Release management features support continuous integration, deployment, and improvement. The integrated software makes it easy to report bugs and trace back bugs from builds. Bug tracking capability lets users customize bug lifecycle and assign priority and severity. Teams can also involve external users while retaining confidentiality. The software includes document management with real-time collaboration and co-authoring features, folder organization, team and private sharing, and a powerful search across and within folders. Other features include a project dashboard, user dashboard, test coverage dashboard, ready to use, customizable templates, list view, and 2FA. Back to top Take-me-to-their-Website

Xebrio Pricing

Xebrio pricing depends on the functionality or module that a customer needs. A free 14-day trial with all of its features available is available. Customers who choose a yearly subscription can enjoy a 20% discount. All plans include unlimited users, unlimited projects, unlimited organizations, user dashboard, project dashboard, project time tracking and time entry, project milestone tracking, and real-time collaboration, with up to 5 simultaneous document co-authoring. The Task Management plan is at $2 /user /month. It has a page view and a list view, bug tracking, subtasks, estimates, and severity and priority levels. The Requirements Management plan is at $5 /user /month. It includes all features in the Task Management plan with the addition of requirements specification and templates, custom requirement types, versioning, version changes, and traceability features, among others. The Requirements & Test Coverage plan at $10 /user /month includes all features in the Requirements Management Plan. It has an additional test coverage module and document collaboration tools. For startups and small teams, special pricing of $10 /month for up to 10 users across all pricing plans is available for a limited time. Xebrio Back to top

Who Uses Xebrio?

Xebrio is for individual professionals, teams, startups, and businesses of all sizes in need of comprehensive online requirements, task, and project management software. It is an ideal solution for organizations looking for a single solution to manage projects and product development. Xebrio is also for enterprise companies with large teams that prefer an on-premise solution. Back to top

Xebrio Supported Language

The Xebrio interface currently supports English only at the moment, with plans for supporting other languages in the future. Back to top Take-me-to-their-Website

Case Study

Richard J. is the director of a midsize company belonging to the hospitality industry. He was looking for a solution to replace their previous system to help the company manage the requirements and coordinate with multiple clients more efficiently. Upon trying Xebrio, Richard and his team immediately settled with the project management tool, which came way ahead of the other tools they evaluated. It provides the exact features they are looking for, which are requirements management, task management, milestone tracking, and document collaboration, among others. Since making the switch, the team shows increased work efficiency. Back to top

Why Choose Xebrio?

Xebrio provides a unified platform that helps users adhere to a systematic process and best practices in developing products and applications. Integrated features facilitate the consolidation of tools that streamline activities without the need for additional software or apps that can hinder the workflow and scatter data. Instead, Xebrio brings a complete ecosystem with a focus on requirements management, collaboration, and traceability that results in quality products shipped on time. Back to top

Company Info

Xebrio is a product of Xebcore, Inc., a privately held software development company with headquarters in San Jose, CA, and founded by Hemant Habbu and Manoj Patwardhan. In 2018, the company started Xebrio in-house as a proprietary project management solution. Over time, it gradually developed as a SaaS offering to give companies a better approach to project management, product development, team collaboration, and customer deployment. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top If you’re interested in learning more about top-rated project management software, the editors at Project-Management.com actively recommend the following:

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