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From coordinating campaign planning and execution to creative project management and event planning, marketing teams are stretched more than ever. And the most effective marketing teams know that good project management is often the difference between success and failure. Wrike for Marketing brings together work management, collaboration, and marketing campaign performance monitoring tools in a single streamlined platform.

Why Wrike for Marketers?

Wrike for Marketing functions as both a marketing management system and a project management software tool. It offers the best of both worlds for marketers and marketing teams looking to plan, create, execute, and track marketing campaigns and all flavors of creative deliverables all from one system:

  • Create exceptional work from idea to delivery, keeping on top of every aspect.
  • Collaborate with internal teams, across the business, and with clients to keep all in the loop.
  • Integrate with creative tools you already use to simplify and streamline the creative process.
  • Connect to delivery platforms to finalize and send the finished product to the end user.
  • Automate requests to save time on manual work and free up resources to create.
  • Proof and approve work in one continuous workflow directly in the system.
  • Plan and track work with calendars showing the what, when, and where for all steps.
  • Guide complex work with Gantt charts to see the big picture for larger projects spanning time.
  • Visualize status and analyze performance with dashboards for leadership and client presentations.

How Wrike Works With a Marketing Workflow

Marketing teams’ key processes are designed to maximize everyone’s time doing what they do best — being creative. Wrike for Marketing brings built-in workflows that align with the team’s standard operating procedures for getting creative jobs up and running.

  • Ideate and Plan the Work: Using requests to streamline the project intake process as well as tasks and projects to organize work is the best approach to developing an actionable timeline out of an idea.
  • Create and Perfect the Design: Incorporate software your team already uses such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and leverage Wrike’s Adobe add-ons to access and update that work directly from the Wrike platform.
  • Instantly Review and Approve: Wrike Proof lets you and your team review files, compare versions by adding directions and comments directly to file attachments, and route work for approval from inside Wrike.
  • Launch, Track, and Report: Deliver a project, and run data-rich reports to see where work is coming from, measure how much work was completed, and identify who was responsible for executing the work.

Wrike’s Features for Marketing Teams

From pre-campaign planning and scheduling through post-delivery reporting, Wrike’s feature-rich platform delivers key functionalities for agency or in-house creative teams.

Work Requests

Work request forms (available in Wrike’s Business and Enterprise plans) simplify your intake workflow. You can create tasks directly from requests or turn them into projects, assign work to designated resources, and even kick off the review and approval process.

Sample marketing request form
Sample marketing request form.

Adobe Creative Cloud Extension

Wrike for Marketing includes an extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, so your design teams can continue to work in Photoshop or Illustrator and still be able to access Wrike tasks from within the Adobe environment. Easy sharing and linking of assets between Adobe and Wrike gives team members the visibility they need to collaborate and move work through the system while creators can maintain control and manage versions of creative assets.

The Wrike extension in Adobe Creative Cloud


Any Wrike user can use Wrike’s intuitive proofing tools. Users can add comments directly to most creative assets, including images, videos, PDFs, files, and web links . Moreover, users can review and collaborate on files, collect feedback from the team, compare files and file versions, and understand exactly what changes need to be made.

This structured review process is useful for internal teammates and external stakeholders, so everyone can participate and see what has been changed and approved and by whom.

Add comments directly to images, videos, PDFs, files and weblinks


Wrike’s in-system approval tool automates and documents the decision-making process. You can assign anyone—from teammates to outside stakeholders—to be an approver for tasks, projects, and any associated files.

The approval process is organized and transparent giving insight into who has approved a file, who has decided changes are required, and why.

Assign anyone, from teammates to outside stakeholders, as approvers for tasks, projects, and associated files

Wrike Publish

With Wrike Publish, you can easily manage digital assets from within your Wrike instance. Integration with your dedicated digital asset management solution, as well as MediaValet and Bynder, allows the attachment, upload, and sharing, and download of large creative assets quickly and securely.

Wrike Publish.


Wrike Reports save teams valuable time by automatically gathering needed information then generating the different views of progress needed by team members, managers and decision-makers. Any level of user can create these customizable reports and gain insights about the work their team has completed. Users can also save reports, then reopen them as needed to have those reports populated with real-time data.

Wrike Reports.

Problems Wrike Can Solve for Marketers and Teams

Creative and work challenges vary across in-house and agency teams. Underdeveloped creative briefs, drawn-out review and approval processes, and shifting requirements all equal delays and headaches for dedicated workers trying to turn out exceptional work in record time. Thankfully, Wrike for Marketing makes these processes smoother and easier to update.

We have identified a couple of top ways Wrike heads off common problems that are sure to derail work if not kept in check.

Workflow: Streamline and simplify processes for improved team efficiency

Wrike’s workflow management system lets you customize your workspace and prioritize tasks. Visualization features such as Gantt charts and kanban boards make it easy to instantly see what work is needed, what is being worked on current;y, and when it will be complete. You can use available default workflows or choose to customize a new workflow for a tailored experience:

  • Create and customize workflows you design to match exactly how your team works.
  • Modify templated workflows to create new ones for specific teams, accounts, and projects.
  • Automating workflows to increase performance and productivity.

Automation: Free up time to focus on the work that matters most

Things move fast in the creative world, and managers and clients need a lot to happen in a short amount of time. Overcommitted teams can use Wrike’s powerful automations to handle repetitive work so they can spend more time on solving marketing challenges. Useful automations that can free up time and provide more clarity for teams and clients include:

  • Client and team communications
  • Progress assessment and reporting
  • Scheduling and assigning work

Wrike for Marketing Pricing

Wrike offers marketing teams three tiered plans.

Business for Marketers: For cross-functional teams and agencies

$24.80 per user per month

Key features:

  • Marketing and creative templates
  • Adobe Creative Cloud and DAM integrations
  • File and video proofing
  • Approvals and guest approvals
  • Campaign analytics view
  • Resource management and workloads
  • Time tracking
  • Connect request forms to blueprints
  • Request forms and external collaboration
  • Interactive Gantt charts
  • Branded workspace
  • Automations: 200 actions per user per month
  • Open application programming interface (API) for integrations
  • 5GB storage per user

Enterprise for Marketers: For large teams and agencies

Contact Wrike for pricing

Key features include everything in the Business plan, plus:

  • User audit reports
  • Custom access roles and user types
  • Password policies
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Automations: 1,000 actions per user per month
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Admin permissions
  • 10GB storage per user

Pinnacle for Marketers: For teams with advanced processes

Contact Wrike for pricing

Key features include everything in the Business plan, plus:

  • Digital asset management integrations
  • SharePoint image and PDF proofing
  • Advanced marketing performance insights and BI
  • Team utilization and performance dashboard
  • Job roles
  • Budgeting and billable hours
  • Bookings: Project-level effort and time planning
  • Automations: 1,500 actions per user per month
  • Locked spaces
  • 15GB storage per user

*Note: Pricing and options for marketers’ paid plans are different from standard Wrike plans.

Try Wrike for Marketers

Wrike is a versatile work management platform for enterprise business users looking to improve their professional services and marketing operations. It combines traditional project management features with marketing management must-haves to put marketing teams in full control of their digital workflows. From conception and prototyping to delivery and post-campaign tracking and analytics, Wrike can handle it.

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