Why Aren’t Marketers Embracing Agile as a Project Management Methodology?

Agile was born in 2001 with the Agile Manifesto, which laid out a framework of 4 core values supported by 12 principles for developing software. The idea was to create a process that focused on continual improvement and responding to input from customers, rather than forming a rigid plan and then executing on that plan. Instead of charting a course of action and following it through to the end, a project is typically divided into short “sprints, ” with built-in opportunities to re-evaluate and gather feedback from customers.

Who could say it hasn’t worked out for the software industry in the last 15 years, especially with The Cloud revolutionizing the way we do business? Yet with Agile fueling innovation in IT, it has yet to truly take hold in a meaningful way for marketers.

So what gives?

Marketers are Clueless About Agile

In general, Marketers simply aren’t using Agile all that much. According to Workfront’s Agile Marketing Report 2016, only 14% of marketers deliberately use an Agile approach to project management. Compare that to 40% of marketers, who employ a “mixed ” approach, or a hodge-podge of multiple methodologies.

According to the report, 40% of marketers don’t know what Agile is. Are marketers just poor project managers in general, or is Agile simply not suited to the marketing world the way it is to software development?

Why Agile is a Perfect Fit for Marketers

The beauty of Agile for project management is that it’s more of a mindset than a set of hard rules. It’s obsessively focused on providing value for the customer. Marketers have a word for this, too–it’s called “benefits. ” If Agile marketing allows you to focus even more on how your project can benefit your customer, shouldn’t it be a perfect fit for marketers?

Marketers are Beginning to Show Interest in Agile

Currently, from the report, 40% of marketers are either using Agile in their workflows, or plan to implement it in the future. Additionally, 70% of respondents said they have an Agile expert working in-house.

If marketing is starting to lag behind the world of technology when it comes to innovation and addressing the needs of modern consumers, then Agile may be the right strategy to catch up. For more information on the state of Agile Marketing, check out the infographic below.

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