Unlocking the Theory of Project Triangle & the Constraints

Project Management is the constantly growing career in the software development sector of the IT industry.  A Project manager has to deal with several issues. Problems like poor team skills, unrealistic deadlines, the inefficiency of money, etc, come across the way while completion of the project.

Are you a project manager? If yes, then you can understand with every project there comes limitations and risks. These hurdles and liabilities can be stated as project management constraints.

In the upcoming section, you will learn about the concept of project management and its constraints.

Now let us understand what exactly is project management triple constraints.

Concept of Triple Constraints in Project Management

As the name suggests, ‘Triple Constraints’ refers to as a model of project management, which consists of three major factors. Triple constraints in project management are also known as ‘Project Management Triangle’, ‘Project Triangle’ or ‘Iron Triangle’. The purpose of using the Project Triangle is to analyze projects.

People often get afraid of listening to the name and mistake it to be very complex. But the model of the Iron Triangle is very simple. It consists of three constraints: scope, duration, and budget.

Each constraint effects to the other two. As a project manager, it is very important to maintain the balance between these three constraints. When altogether are managed properly, then you can assure that your project is going to make a huge success.

Sounds interesting? Yes, it is. Let us dig deeper and study about three constraints.

Project Triangle Constraints: Scope, Time and Money

Set some plans with the SCOPE!

The scope defines the goals and requirement of the project. It has a unique significance in project management. For example, if you have a project which has a chance of increasing money and time, you need to plan before initializing the project.

The scope is the initial stage of the model. That is why when you plan a project, scope gives an easy way to monitor the requirements and the deadline of the project.

Schedule your work by managing the TIME…

Time is the second most important constraint of project management. Here the time is implied to schedule the whole process of execution of the project.

With a detailed scope, a perfect foundation for the project is built. When you follow the scope strictly, automatically the project gets delivered at the scheduled date and time.

If you are someone who has more concentration on the accuracy of the project, then there might be a delay. But there will be work satisfaction at the time of delivery of the project.


The last but the most valuable key constraint is Money. All your resources like software, manpower, etc are brought from the planned budget.

Always remember, never inform about the cost to your client at the last moment. Even if the project is getting stretched, try to inform while development.

Your client might not be an expert so explaining the expenditure can become one of challenging part while delivering the project.

We know understanding the triple constraint is not an easy task, it requires some tricks when applied.

Here in the next content, let us get familiar with some of the tips of Project Triangle.

Tricks to Execute the Theory of Iron Triangle

●     Explain Scope to Your Team

 Communication is the most important task when you are working with a team. It is very urgent for your team members to know about the resources that are going to be used in the project.

●     Set and Track the Delivery Dates

When the project is in the developing state, try to track two things :

Firstly, the state of the project with it’s increasing requirement.

And the second most crucial is the delivery date of the project. There might be an extension. Try to keep your client informed about it.

A Quick Wrap Up!

When we discuss Project Management, it sounds easy and interesting. Undoubtedly, it is. But the practical implementation of the triple constraints has remained a question. Try to take initiative towards the mentioned tricks and be the best project manager.

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