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twproject logoTwproject is adaptable project management software suitable for all users across the organization. It provides project managers and team members a single platform with all the tools and features to manage projects, tasks, timesheets, costs, and documents. This project management software keeps the team updated so everyone is working towards the same objective in the most efficient way. In this Twoproject review, we’ll discuss these features in more depth, as well as pricing.

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Twproject : Features and Strengths

Project Management

Twproject has an interactive Gantt chart that lets users add essential project plan components such as assignments, milestones, and dependencies with a simple click-and-drag interface. This allows users to plan ahead, track progress, identify critical paths, and avoid bottlenecks. A smart work-breakdown structure (WBS) lets users create phases and sub-phases without going through the Gantt editor. The WBS is now integrated with contextual alerts that automatically warn users if any phase has an inconsistency, such as case delays, schedule overruns, expired ToDos, or an overbooked team. The new ToDo tool is more flexible, displays a title, can recur, and is easily organized in a redesigned Kanban board and Planner. Twproject

Workload Management

Twproject has an integrated workload and Gantt editor, which allows users to see the load percentage of resources. Users can spot overworked resources and instantly change allocations. Users can also manually move activities and balance the load with the help of the software, which provides a suggested project or phase end date based on current loads. It also provides additional statistics. Further, a dedicated chat tool enables teams to communicate as needed in context in every project.

Time Tracking, Cost Management, and More

Twproject supports multiple methods of time entry. Users can monitor their workload in real time, check estimates, and recalibrate if needed. They can also manage an approval process with customizable timesheet statuses. Reports with advanced filters provide the right information for any project, client, or work period. It also reminds users with page alerts and email reminders. Cost management features let users monitor the project budget with security permissions, showing costs only to the right users. Document management organizes all files according to projects, with versioning, file locking, authoring, and linking. Users can also access all their documents and project files from mobile devices without having to download an app. Back to top Take me to their Website

Twproject Pricing

Twproject pricing is available in self-hosted plans and a cloud plan. Self-Hosted Users can install Twproject on their own servers. The tool offers a free plan for up to five users. Paid plans start at €4.89 per user, per month billed annually and includes advanced features like Gantt charts, timesheets, and Kanban boards. Cloud Twproject cloud plans include all features, with pricing dependent on the number of users and accompanying storage. The Micro plan, at €75 billed monthly, is for up to five users with 7GB storage. The Small plan is €150 billed monthly for up to 10 users with 10GB. The Medium plan is €300 for up to 20 users with 20GB of storage. Finally, the Large plan is €450 for 30 users and 30GB. A custom enterprise plan for more than 30 users is also offered. Back to top

Who Uses Twproject?

Twproject is valuable to businesses in need of an all-in-one project, team, time, cost, and document management software that supports multiple methodologies. Research teams, architects, contractors, engineers, product developers, publishers, professional services, and software teams can get the most benefit from using the software. Some of its customers include La Doria, Hetalab, Zuchetti, Salewa International, Calzedonia, Prada, and Temera. Back to top

Twproject Supported Languages

Twproject is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, and Slovenian. Back to top Take me to their Website

Case Studies

Rene Knuvers works with an engineering and consultancy firm for the railway business in the Netherlands. The company was looking for a simple planning tool to help them manage hours spent on every project. As a startup, they were looking for a cost-effective solution and found Twproject suitable for their needs. The timesheets and work log analysis features were most useful, allowing them to invoice every billable hour. Geir Thomas Andersen works at an Oslo, Norway company providing enterprise-grade email and web hosting services. They were in need of a software solution to organize projects and tasks displayed on a timeline, using an intuitive interface. After the team tested at least 10 software candidates, Twproject provided the best Gantt views and a most customizable interface. Back to top

Why Choose Twproject?

Twproject is an end-to-end solution that provides smart tools to manage projects, consolidate processes, and give customers the best experience. It is easy to use and intuitive, giving teams enhanced visibility of projects, progress, and people. Back to top

Company Info

Twproject is a privately held software company with headquarters in Florence, Italy. It was founded by Open Lab partners Roberto Bicchierai, CEO; Silvia Chelazzi, Chief Sales Officer; and Carlo Zoli, financing partner. The company’s mission is to help professionals manage projects and speed up production using one flexible platform. Take me to their Website

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