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Overview Presentation

Trello Chart Suite is a free Chrome extension powered by Bridge24 that enables users to create quick charts for any of their Trello boards. Trello’s core function remains to be the digital visual whiteboard where people can create lists for different work categories or stages. In each list or column, they can create cards or tasks. Instead of using and taking up a Power-Up or integration slot, Trello Chart Suite works on Chrome browser layer, and allows users to generate simple but beautiful horizontal bar charts that show the card count of each list on their board, with the exact number of cards indicated.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Powered by Bridge24 – Trello Chart Suite runs on the same reporting engine used by Bridge24 reporting and exporting application. The same powerful and accurate operation is enjoyed by users when they use the software to create horizontal bar charts. Of course, the full version also works with Asana, Basecamp, and AceProject, and offers additional views, filters, advanced reports, and export options.
  • Quick Install, Instant Access – This Chrome extension for Trello users can be installed in a few seconds. Available from the Chrome web store, it can work with Chrome as well as Chromium browsers without a hitch. Just about 1MB in size, it instantly installs in the browser with the extension’s icon appearing at the top right bar of the browser. Users may need to refresh their browser after installation to make sure it appears in the Trello menu. Once the icon/link appears, it can work on any board, on any number of lists, with the exact count of cards per list.
  • One-click Chart Generation – Trello Chart Suite builds a horizontal bar chart of a Trello board in one click. Included in the chart are the bar graphs of each list, and the colored bar representation of the number of cards per list. The exact number of cards per list appears at the tip of each bar graph, on a grid background with appropriate labels on both the horizontal and vertical axes. The image can be saved for later viewing, or can be copied to clipboard and pasted on documents for other purposes. When the chart appears, a link to try the Bridge24 full version also appears.


Trello Chart Suite is a free Chrome browser extension.

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Target Market

Trello Chart Suite is for users of Trello project management software. As a Chrome extension, it is compatible with the Chrome and Chromium web browsers.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Deloitte, Airbnb, EY (Ernst & Young), PMI, and Shell. Take-me-to-their-Website


R. Corbeil stated that Bridge24, the full application that powers Trello Chart Suite, is among the best Power-Ups for reporting and exporting, even supporting custom fields. T. Jones was about to leave Trello but decided to stay when he discovered Bridge24. D. Raymond described Trello Chart Suite as capable of producing beautiful charts for all his Trello boards with the exact count of cards per list.

Why Trello Chart Suite

Trello Chart Suite is a free reporting tool on Chrome web browsers. Users of Trello can instantly generate horizontal bar charts of lists in their boards. The charts that show card count per list can be saved as an image or be easily copied and pasted to documents for presentations and other reporting purposes. For greater flexibility, data control, analytics, reporting and exporting, we recommend the full version of Bridge24. You can read our Bridge24 software review here.

Company Info

Trello Chart Suite is a product of Websystems, Inc., a privately held software development company based in Québec, QC, Canada. It specializes in project management software, reporting and exporting applications, and other collaboration tools. Another popular product is the Trello Export Excel Suite. The company helps business users improve collaboration and efficiency with its web-based software and other free tools.

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