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ClickUp has been called “a single app to replace all other tools” to organize and simplify tasks, so project teams can focus on getting work done. There are many great tools in the marketplace to plan and manage work, and they all compete heavily for project management audiences. What makes them different are unique features that turn heads and open wallets.

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ClickUp has custom features like a built-in chat platform to keep all users engaged and on top of things. You don’t need other stand-alone tools anymore to manage and track tasks, crunch numbers, and update workflows that can be displayed in multiple views. And a lower-end pricing plan makes ClickUp an attractive choice.

Despite all of these great selling points, you may still be seeking something a little less complex and easier to set up. Check out these alternatives to ClickUp before you commit to a final decision.

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Notion: Best for Small Companies With Varying Project Types

Notion logo.

Notion is also marketed as a “one workspace for every team” solution. It is an extremely versatile solution that blends everyday work tools, so everything you need to do is linked together. Small business leaders rely on Notion to serve as a “brain hub” for their entire business, including sales and customer relationship management. Notion’s more basic technical setup requires little to no coding to customize and set up, allowing small business users the luxury of getting up and running fast without the need for additional and expensive developer support and time commitments.

How it’s similar

Both Notion and ClickUp are productivity tools to help teams get organized. They are in a class that requires a bit of a learning curve to get set up and started. Notion has a few additional views including table, list, calendar, kanban board, gallery, and timeline options. They also both offer free and low-cost user plans.

How it differs

Notion is big on features that let you design your own documents, dashboards, and applications. You can also record meeting notes right in the system. That said, Notion is not as robust and only has one-third of the features and customizations that ClickUp does.

Basecamp: Best for Creative Marketing and Advertising

Basecamp logo.

Basecamp is a mature, refined tool that is easy to set up and use, making it a gold standard in simple and reliable project management. Anyone, no matter their role, can jump right in and begin using this tool to work faster, better, and more efficiently.

How it’s similar

ClickUp and Basecamp are excellent productivity platforms with endless features supporting every type of user. Both options help plan and manage work well and communicate clearly to everyone involved in planning, performing, or reviewing the work.

How it differs

Basecamp is the go-to choice for solid customer support. Easy collaboration cuts down on meeting time and increases time between communications and the back-and-forth needed to review, change, and approve versions of deliverables. The transparency Basecamp provides to keep up on details across teams is unmatched. There is only one paid tier price per user above the free version.

Nifty: Best for Consolidating Digital Tools for Small Businesses

Nifty logo.

Nifty is a project management operating system (OS) that checks all of the boxes a project manager might need to stay organized and on task. Planning, task management, documentation, and collaboration are all included in this powerhouse tool that easily integrates with so many of the tools you likely already use, while minimizing the need for others.

How it’s similar

Multiple platforms and customer types are fully supported with ease of use and a full suite of functionality and features. Nifty has a robust support, training, and education base that any user can use to find the answers they need and get going quickly. A free trial and version is available at the start of the pricing tier.

How it differs

Nifty supports instant import from other project management tools like Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Jira, Trello, and Wrike as well as .CSV and Excel and Sheet files to continue right where you left off.  Automated reports help you manage client projects, deliveries, and communications all in one place. Product support for this choice is superior to ClickUp per reviews even with a lack of in-person training.

Jira: Best for Development Teams and Complex Technical Projects

jira icon.

Jira is an issue-tracking software developed by Atlassian to track bugs and support Agile project management. It’s ideal for tracking and managing software development projects. Jira software is part of a family of products designed to help teams manage work. Over time, it has evolved into a robust work management tool, handling requirements and use and test cases with ease.

How it’s similar

Both Jira and Clickup are classified as project management and issue-tracking tools. They individually support an impressive amount of integrations and customizations. Further, work and workflow management is made better by using either tool.

How if differs

Jira is a mature industry leader with a wide global reach. Jira was custom-built for development teams, while ClickUp is more versatile and can be used by many different types of project teams. Jira is also mostly used by developers performing in an Agile framework to plan and track work, release software, and report on progress. It’s limiting because it uses an outdated framework that is not as user-friendly as ClickUp and other tools.

Hive: Best for Communication-Centric Teams in Sales or Marketing

hive logo.

Hive is a condensed process and project management and collaboration tool with access to all of the information you could want about your team and their work. Hive automates work and optimizes processes connected to team communication and collaboration, while managing tasks and projects.

How it’s similar

Both Hive and ClickUp look similar at first glance. They each allow the integration of third-party programs and applications to enhance productivity. And as collaboration tools, teams can share documents, ideas, and insights in real time.

How if differs

Hive is a project and process management tool whereas ClickUp is a cloud-based project management tool. Hive includes a focus mode allowing users to mute notifications and chats if they need to concentrate on a priority task to meet a deadline. Hive also has a higher starting price point per user per month and offers a limited free plan.

What to Look For

Companies trust ClickUp because it’s an all-in-one app that is simple to use and customize. Users who are looking for an alternative to ClickUp must make note of the features they use and depend on in this tool, while identifying what else they may benefit from in other platforms. Whatever choice you make should have at minimum, the following:

  • An option that lessens the number of other tools you will need to work with
  • Customizable across teams, locations, and the way people work
  • Easy collaboration and communication
  • Instant integration with solutions
  • Handy templates to get up and running fast
  • Multiple views and dashboards to access information
  • Access tiers that fit your budget
  • Enterprise-grade security and 24/7 support

Ready to Try an Alternative to ClickUp?

ClickUp makes it easy for organizations to run their entire business on one platform. Any type of user will find that work is better when using ClickUp than when not. But, finding the right project management tool in a sea of competition is a challenge project managers face and a crucial component to the business and teams that can’t miss a beat when producing great work. If you feel that ClickUp is not the choice for you for any reason, all of the alternatives we have explored are all great options too.

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