Top 5 Leadership Methods in Project Management

For a project manager to be effective, he must have leadership capabilities. In the organization, a good leader can motivate, inspire, and encourage the best from the employees. There are many types of leadership. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five most common and effective forms of leadership in project management:

  • Task Orientation ‚Äì here, the project focuses on getting the job done, and nothing else. For this reason, tasks are assigned to who he thinks can best do the job. Task-oriented managers can be highly effective in delivering the output on time and within budget. However, because of the way the project has been handled, possibly without consulting team members, there can be times when serious conflicts can occur.
  • Team Orientation ‚Äì this type of leadership style focuses on looking out for the needs and expectations of the team members. While it can help people grow, it can also backfire on the project manager. For example, someone might volunteer to do a certain tasks even if someone else has more experience in the matter. This can result to poor performance and problematic output. The project manager should be able to balance between listening to the team and doing what he thinks is best to complete the project quickly, effectively, and with minimal costs.
  • Leading by Example ‚Äì in project management, there will inevitably be times when certain team members have an “all-important ” attitude in thinking that the project cannot go on without them. In addition, they might question the technical capabilities of the project manager himself. But by understanding what the job is thoroughly, the project manager commands respect. Team members are held to a higher standard because expectations are heightened.
  • Charisma and Persuasion ‚Äì there are some leaders who can convince people to follow them through the sheer force of their charisma. In project management, this means they set the direction and the scope of work then presenting it to the team members. Some project managers also try to use persuasion as a way to manage tasks. They convince team members that the course of action he selected is the best way to proceed.
  • Hybrid Approach ‚Äì the hybrid approach combines one or more leadership methods to come up with the best solution for the situation. The project manager may combine one or more ways to manage a project depending on the organizational culture and the complexity of the task. It is important for the project manager to be up for the task ahead and live up to expectations.

Managing people and resources can be a difficult job. It is also very stressful especially when problems occur. If you’re working as a project manager or want to become one, it is important to know which leadership method suits you best. You can adapt it to the project requirements once you understand the challenge ahead. Teams follow a good leader and an organized project manager. It is critical for you to get their respect and trust in your capabilities.

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