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crm-softwareCustomer relationship management (CRM) is essential for companies of all sizes as a business strategy. CRM encompasses a wide area of interactions and activities between a company and its customers. As a business strategy, it helps in understanding the customer, retaining them, attracting new ones, and winning new deals, thereby increasing profitability, but also decreasing customer management costs. The Internet and advances in technology brought about new CRM software that are scalable and customizable, with powerful engines for prediction, analysis, automation and streamlining of operations.

The Top 5

CRM software and applications are designed to help companies meet their goals of efficiently and effectively managing customer relationship. With advanced features, they not only help sales teams sell more, but really provide customers with the products and services they want. Some of the important features they should provide are automation for customer support, marketing and sales. Reporting and analysis are critical features also for monitoring on key performance indicators. They should also have tools for managing data, worklfow, and/or inventory, while allowing for customization, integration, mobility and others. Here is our list of top 5 CRM solutions that businesses can start with.

1. Freshdesk

freshdesk-logoFreshdesk is a customer support and helpdesk solution founded in 2010 and based in California, USA. It helps companies manage their customer relationship through a social helpdesk, knowledge base, and community engagement. Since its launch, it is now being used by over 80,000 businesses and organizations all over the world. Some of its features are a ticketing system, multi-channel conversation support, automation tools, customizations that are easy to apply, and others. Freshdesk also has reporting features and integration with 3rd party apps for extending a company’s support capabilities.

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2. Insightly

InsightlyInsightly is another web-based CRM software with project management tools. With its powerful and constantly updated features, users are able to organize and manage contacts, as well as link address books, tasks, leads and email together. The built-in PM features enable users to manage tasks and associate them with milestones, projects and progress. It can generate reports based on opportunities and activities. Insightly also has versatile dashboards and secured infrastructure to protect the privacy of data, users and availability of service. It offers a freemium plan, mobile support and many 3rd party integrations.

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3. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft logoInfusionsoft is a cloud CRM, sales and marketing software for small businesses. It is a privately held company founded in 2001 and based in Arizona, USA. Some of its features include contact management, list management and segmentation. It also has a calendar, task management, lead scoring and email integration. Users of the software are able to capture more leads, improve conversation rates, and provide customers with a seamless online shopping experience, among others. Users can easily adopt and implement the system by choosing a pricing plan based on their number of users or contacts, and a one-time kickstart package.

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4. Zoho CRM

zoho-crm-logoZoho CRM is the customer relationship management application of the Zoho suite. It helps teams simplify their process, provide information the way they want to use it, and ultimately show insights that are useful for the business. Multiple channel is supported no matter where customers are. It also has analytics, reporting, automation, and allows for customization. Zoho CRM is one of the most affordable CRM solutions but also has scalable plans ready for growing companies. Another advantage is the availability of a great number of add-ons and integrations, including other Zoho apps and 3rd party products in various categories such as sales, marketing, business productivity, customer service, social media and a lot more.

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5. Salesforce

salesforce-logoSalesforce is a leading web-based CRM software that is considered by many to be the #1 CRM platform. It has a variety of products for companies of different sizes and for specific industries. It helps teams boost their sales, close deals, manage leads and boost productivity. It can do so with just a user’s browser and with email. Salesforce is an integrated CRM solution that covers sales force automation, customer service, marketing, campaign management and more. Also, users have the option to choose different plans with affordable pricing according to their current business needs, but also scale up later to grow with the company in the future.

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Customer relationship management provides many benefits. Improving customer relations can lead to increase in revenues, opportunities for selling premium products, and understanding customer needs and behavior better. It also brings about improved internal communications within the company. CRM software is an essential tool in today’s competitive, interconnected world. It has use cases not only for managing customers but also for employees, vendors and other partners. Although every organization is unique in its needs, many CRM software solutions are available today that will address common basic requirements and also allow for flexibility and customizations. In addition, many CRM companies offer great client support, training materials to get started, and other services.

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    Great post! Seen recently good newcomer, which pretty much meets up described features, and is quite competitive to described CRMs called EasyERP. Plus it`s open source, so it`s quite customizable (as those guys from support say), and it`s also free. Found it here Hope you`ll find it useful too.

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