Top 3 Project Management Software for Uruguay

Working abroad with international partners can be a great way to learn and grow as a Project Manager. Here are some things to know when collaborating with businesses in Uruguay.

Corporate Etiquette in Uruguay

Make sure you’re on time, but allow a few minutes for your Uruguayan counterparts to begin. Once they do, prepare for some getting-to-know-you time as close relationships are more important to your colleagues then your credentials. Print all your materials, including business cards, in both English and Spanish. It is likely your executive counterparts will speak English in meetings, but check ahead, so you have time to set up an interpreter if needed. Local contacts may also prove invaluable as you work with your foreign project team.

Top 3 Project Management Software for Uruguay

The collaborative software you select can really help everyone stay on target for the duration of your project. Here are our recommendations for the Uruguayan market.

Cloud Computing in Uruguay

Uruguay is #49 on the 2018 Global Connectivity Index (GCI). The country provides affordable and accessible broadband, has improved coverage and fiber optic solutions. Cloud services are available, but there is room for better quality and greater capacity. Their Agenda Uruguay Digital 2020 should support infrastructure, bolster proficiency and integrate technology which will enrich the bond between government and civilians. These changes will allow more Uruguayans to utilize and enjoy the advantages of the country’s technological advancements.


The Uruguayan people are trusting, warm and fair. Most are middle class, practical, and they put great importance on getting a good education. Uruguay has one of the top literacy rates in South America. Unlike other countries in their region, your colleagues in Uruguay dress in subdued colors. Business attire for men includes a dark, traditional jacket and tie, but you may notice a more casual dress code in summer months. Women usually wear dresses, or dark skirts or suits with a blouse, and may take cues from their counterparts during warmer weather as well.

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