Top 3 Project Management Software for Taiwan


When you travel abroad as a project manager, you can learn so much when conducting business in other countries. Here are some things to consider when teaming up with colleagues in Taiwan.

Corporate Etiquette in Taiwan

Your Taiwanese partners observe a soft start to business meetings, so they may start a little early or a bit after the set time. Make sure your business cards include English on one side and Chinese classical characters on the other. Your foreign colleagues want to work with friends, so take your time building a genuine relationship.

The size of your team, which should always include at least one high-level decision-maker, suggests to your Taiwanese business partners how seriously you take your meetings. They are earnest negotiators, take their time, strive for consensus, and their word is their contract.

Top 3 Project Management Software for Taiwan

The project software you select is a key part of your overall success. Here are our recommendations for the Taiwanese market.

Cloud Computing in Taiwan

Taiwan has an evolving technology environment with cloud computing as part of that change. In addition to its current hardware manufacturing, the Taiwanese are providing more resources and services.

The country is enjoying an uptick in cloud computing jobs this year via IBM. The IBM Taiwan Collaboratory for Wellness Cloud research lab provides a focus on the healthcare industry, specifically elder care. Taiwan is seeking additional advanced technological fields to increase their growth potential.


The Taiwanese people are polite, humble, respectful, and industrious. Their family and its reputation are the most important things to them, and they show great honor for their elders. You’ll see they appreciate when foreigners try speak a little Chinese as well.

For business attire, men dress traditionally in suits and ties, and women wear conservative colored suits, dresses or a blouse and skirt. When meeting for the first time, a small bow or nod is appropriate.

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