Top 3 Project Management Software for Luxembourg

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Traveling to another country for business affords you the opportunity to observe cultural differences that can inform your leadership style. Here are some things to know when collaborating with partners in Luxembourg.

Corporate Etiquette in Luxembourg

Punctuality is very important to your Luxembourger counter parts, so be sure you’re on time. Meetings don’t last long, as your colleagues will want to start on agenda items right away. The traditional top down management style has evolved into a more consensus-based approach due to union representation. The Luxembourg people have a formal, conservative demeanor. They like to keep their business and personal lives separate.

Top 3 Project Management Software for Luxembourg

Choose the best collaborative software for your foreign project partnership. Here are our recommendations for the Luxembourg market.

Cloud Computing in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is #13 on the 2018 Global Connectivity Index (GCI), with citizens that are well connected and technologically savvy. The country has superb implementation and execution in all aspects of information and communication technology. Cloud computing and big data are two areas that have seen recent advancement. Still, even with all of Luxembourg’s achievements, the country seeks to augment their high-tech standing. The government’s focus is on infrastructure and access for new businesses with the overall goal of providing advantages for every citizen countrywide.


The people of Luxembourg value their uniqueness and individuality. They have a reserved presence but are friendly. Luxembourgers esteem family and prefer to keep their personal lives out of the workplace. Business attire for both men and women is conservative and traditional with keen attention to neatness. Men should wear suits and ties, with a casual option being a sport coat with dress pants. Women usually wear suits or dresses.

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