Top 3 Project Management Software for Hong Kong

The cultural nuances of your foreign business partners may affect how you approach managing your project. Here are some tips for collaborating with team members in Hong Kong.

Corporate Etiquette in Hong Kong

Your Hong Kong partners are well-educated and possess an enterprising professional environment. You should be punctual, expect a leadership style like the U.S., and be ready to exchange classical character Chinese and English business cards, Chinese side up and with both hands. Prepare to have tea in your business meetings, waiting until your host drinks first.

Building relationships is important, and having financial ones are key, so using the latter to make introductions would work in your favor. Be sure your team includes senior decision makers, and anticipate your counterparts being deliberate and proficient during negotiations.

Top 3 Project Management Software for Hong Kong

Project software is a great tool when working with foreign team members. Here are our recommendations for the Hong Kong market.

Cloud Computing in Hong Kong

Voted as “the most cloud-ready” of the Asian Pacific countries in 2016, Hong Kong’s overall ranking exceeds that of the United States and the United Kingdom according to the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA). Hong Kong, now the leader in its region, unseated Japan, and has proven strengths in broadband, privacy, and quality, becoming an international data hub.

In November 2018, Google launched their new Google Cloud Platform citing Hong Kong’s being “made for speed.” Businesses in the area will enjoy more products and services with improved hosting functions. The benefits will extend to consumers in the Philippines and Vietnam as well.


Hong Kong is modern and refined, merging both Asian and European cultural aspects. While the people of Hong Kong are Chinese, they are distinct and very westernized. They are friendly, but quiet, and esteem family, keeping that part of life private in the workplace.

The people of Hong Kong are conservative, neat and fashionable, looking more to Japanese styles than European or American. Business dress for women usually includes modest dresses, skirts and blouses or suits, and men should wear traditional suits and ties.

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