Top 3 Project Management Applications for Venezuela

Managing a global project team provides a great opportunity for learning how other countries conduct business. Here are some things you should know when working with colleagues in Venezuela.

Corporate Etiquette in Venezuela

While the pace in Venezuela is relaxed, your business partners will expect punctuality and preparedness from you. Venezuelans like to build personal relationships and prefer introductions from local contacts, but once you’ve built rapport, expect your counterparts to get straight to business topics. Make sure all printed materials are in Spanish as well.

Venezuelans respect title and position, so be clear about your role in your company. Expect negotiations to move slowly, but keep things light, because your Venezuelan business partners like to maintain control.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Venezuela

The collaborative software you use is an important part of communication with international clients. Here are our recommendations for the Venezuelan market.

Cloud Computing in Venezuela

Unlike in previous decades when the country thrived financially due to oil sales, Venezuela’s current economy and physical infrastructure are unstable, with electricity being one of the hardest hit sectors. The country’s weak infrastructure affects communications, especially via internet.

Around 60% of Venezuelans are internet users, but internet quality is low, access is expensive, and the speeds are the slowest in Latin America. Governmental provider restrictions and reluctance toward technological progress have limited advancement as well. Cloud computing services are available in Venezuela, including the notable, commercial launch of Annual Cloud in March of last year.


Venezuelans are sincere and respect those in leadership. Friends and family are very important in their culture. Venezuelans enjoy telling others about their country, so study their history, and make sure to ask questions!

Venezuelans notice the nicely dressed and well groomed. Business attire for men should include dark colored, traditional suits, while feminine dresses, suits or skirts and blouses are appropriate for women.

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