Top 3 Project Management Applications for Turkey

When working with foreign clients, study the culture of your new business partners, and know what differences in conducting business you may encounter. Here are some things you should know when working with clients in Turkey.

Corporate Etiquette in Turkey

Your Turkish colleagues will be on time and expect punctuality from their business partners. Turks are polite and respectful, so be sure to consider others and extend courtesy by greeting each person at the meeting location both when you arrive and leave.

Before starting your meeting, take some time to get to know your Turkish partners. Prepare for a top down management style, as the decision makers are those of higher rank. Business attire is conservative and more formal for both men and women.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Turkey

Your collaborative software is a key component to your project’s success. Here are our product recommendations for the Turkish market.

Cloud Computing in Turkey

Turkey is 19th on the 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard, dropping from 18th place in 2013. Turkey has room for improvement in data protection legislation, intellectual property protections/enforcement and cloud computing progress, the latter stifled by internet content regulations.

Turkey improved their cyber-crime laws, starting enforcement in 2015. The Turkish government is working to provide high-speed access to 95% of households by 2020, and they continue to make improvements to their IT infrastructure.


Turks are generally polite and courteous, but may ask what seem like overly personal questions or will allow less personal space, so prepare accordingly. Punctuality is important for both business and personal engagements, so be on time or call if something unforeseen delays you.

Expect to dress conservatively for business meetings, with coat and tie for men, unless it is warm, then the coat is optional, and women should wear conservative pant/skirt suits. It is customary to shake hands with everyone present in a room, starting with elders and including children, when you are arriving or leaving any type of gathering, business or personal.

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