Top 3 Project Management Applications for Thailand

International project opportunities give great insight into how global partners conduct business. Here are some things you should know when working with colleagues in Thailand.

Corporate Etiquette in Thailand

Thais are business oriented, but they take establishing relationships, talking business and making decisions slowly. Your first meeting will exclude business topics, and the second meeting, too, will most likely be a meal, where again, business conversations would not be important. Be sure to include time for these getting-to-know-you occasions, and for lengthy negotiations, as Thais value the decision-making process.

Thais esteem rank and honor, and have great respect for powerful connections. They keep business and family separate, and place precedence on family, which may manifest in your workday both starting and ending later.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Thailand

Your collaborative software selection can facilitate great communication with your foreign business partners. Here are our product recommendations for the Thai market.

Cloud Computing in Thailand

Thailand is 21st on the 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard, improving overall from 2013 because of major upgrades in IT infrastructure and intellectual property protections. Thailand has suitable electronic signature and commerce legislation, and extensive cybercrime laws in place. Thais have also put major provisions of the WIPO Copyright Treaty into practice.

Cloud computing and privacy legislation is lacking, leaving much room for improvement. Thailand’s censorship and filtering of the internet and technologies inhibit progress as well.


Thais are an industrious, polite and pleasant people. They appreciate individuality, but also cherish family and being part of a group. They express themselves subtly and with humility, placing importance on social and professional hierarchy.

Business ranking is visible via men’s attire, with senior management wearing light suits or jackets in both color and weight, and dark suits or formal Thai shirts for evening events. Women’s work wear includes simple, conservative skirt/blouse combinations or dresses.

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