Top 3 Project Management Applications for Switzerland


Each project is unique, and every experience with international teams provides an opportunity to learn something new. Here are some things to know when working with colleagues in Switzerland.

Corporate Etiquette in Switzerland

Punctuality is important to your Swiss partners for both business and social occasions. English is the typical language for business, but check ahead to see if you need an interpreter.

The Swiss like a little discussion but will get to the agenda items quickly, so anticipate orderly, productive meetings. Prepare thorough presentations, and provide succinct, informative materials. When negotiating, your partners will be deliberate and fair, making decisions systematically.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Switzerland

Your project software is an important tool you’ll want to consider wisely. Here are our recommendations for the Swiss market.

Cloud Computing in Switzerland

Switzerland is #4 on the 2018 Global Connectivity Index (GCI). The country has great broadband accessibility and coverage, with improving speeds. Switzerland is poised to provide global insight into managing big data as the country navigates its swift rate of networking and connectivity growth. Research, education, and an established, quality infrastructure are more reasons Switzerland ranks so well.

Two growth areas for Switzerland include entrepreneurial training to assist new, local businesses via The Swiss Blockchain Association. A uniform cloud solution would also facilitate security, mobility and cost savings tracking capabilities.


The Swiss are industrious, frugal and respectful of others, especially their elders. This respect shows in how they dress, care for their environment, their timeliness and overall decorum.

Be punctual for business and social occasions, and dress conservatively, keeping things neat and clean. Swiss men treat women in business professionally, and women work in most industries. Should conducting business over a meal be necessary, lunch is best.

Rebekah Peterman

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