Top 3 Project Management Applications for South Africa

Leading a global project team is a great way to see how other countries conduct business. Here are some things to consider when collaborating with business partners in South Africa.

Corporate Etiquette in South Africa

South Africans value personal relationships, take time to build trust and rely on known parties to introduce new business opportunities. Preparation and punctuality are important for all meetings, and you can expect negotiations to take time culminating with a favorable result for both parties. Elder respect is prominent in South Africa, so defer to anyone older regardless of rank.

South Africa is an ethnically diverse country, with numerous recognized languages, however, most speak English as their second language. Many business practices are nationally common, but check for additional, regional procedures unique to your specific project partners.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for South Africa

Good communication is important, and the right collaborative software can make the difference. Here are our product recommendations for the South African market.

Cloud Computing in South Africa

South Africa is 14th on the 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard, showing the most progress overall and moving up 6 places since 2013. The most notable improvements are in their new privacy laws and IT infrastructure upgrades. The country also instituted cyber-crime and e-commerce legislation.

South Africa has insufficient copyright protections and has yet to comply with established global standards. Additional barriers to progress include internet restrictions, government procurement preferences, and limited broadband accessibility.


South Africans are gracious and welcoming. Xhosa and Zulu are the most prominent groups in this diverse country, and while they speak many languages, conducting meetings in English should be feasible.

South Africans value punctuality, but they enjoy a slower pace, so build flexibility into your schedule. Business dress is conservative, traditional attire for your first meeting, after which, your South African colleagues may dress more casually. Remember that building trust is key to successful business relationships with your South African project partners.

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