Top 3 Project Management Applications for Portugal

When you work with a global project team, it’s a good idea to research your international partners, looking for insight into how they conduct business. Here are some things you should know when collaborating with team members in Portugal.

Corporate Etiquette in Portugal

Be punctual, but prepare for your Portuguese associates to be up to 30 minutes late. You can anticipate several meetings during the negotiation process.

It’s best to secure an interrupter for your business meetings. Plan to send all correspondence in Portuguese as well. While some colleagues may speak English, it’s best not to assume.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Portugal

You want to choose your project software wisely, as clear communication is an integral part of a successful project. Here are our recommendations for the Portuguese market.

Cloud Computing in Portugal

Portugal ranks #15 on the 2017 Digital Economy and Society Index. The areas of most improvement include broadband connectivity and corporate digital technology integration. Unfortunately, however, the percentage of businesses incorporating cloud-computing services is still low.

The area most lacking is Portugal’s provision of digital services for the public. The skill level for the overall population is low, proving a serious obstacle for Portugal.


The Portuguese people are unpretentious and traditional. Family is the most important aspect of life in Portugal. Going home after the workday is typical, leaving socializing and entertaining to the weekends.

Dress is similar for both social and business engagements, and is conservative. Business attire includes a jacket and tie for men, and women wear jackets with a skirt/pants or dresses.

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