Top 3 Project Management Applications for Norway

Working with international business partners can help you learn and understand how different cultures conduct business. Here are some things you should know when working with partners in the Norway.

Corporate Etiquette in Norway

Norwegians value punctuality for all occasions. Make sure you’re early, or at least on time. If you’re running late, it’s best to call to let your colleagues know.

The leadership style is collaborative in Norway, as all employees, regardless of title or level, voice opinions in order to reach consensus when making business decisions. Norwegians like to build genuine rapport, so keep that in mind as you work with your foreign counterparts.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Norway

Collaborative software that facilitates good communication with your overseas colleagues is vital to your project’s success. Here are our recommendations for the Norwegian market.

Cloud Computing in Norway

The Norwegian government uses the National Institute of Standards and Technology to inform cloud-computing progress which includes on demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. Norway has legislative obstacles to overcome, with the location of data storage as a primary issue. The Bookkeeping Act and the Archives Act are two laws that impose data storage constraints.

In 2016, Norway instituted the EU–US Privacy Shield. This framework protects the personal data of EU citizens during information transfer to the United States, providing more security than the former Safe Harbour framework.


Norwegians are kind and refrain for criticism. They enjoy simplicity, treasure nature, and enjoy the outdoors. The people of Norway admire authentic relationships and sincerity.

Norwegians dress conservatively, so men should wear jackets and ties, and appropriate dress for women includes suits, dresses, or a blouse with dress pants. Keep in mind that Norwegians are distinct from Danes and Swedes, so take time to observe and comment on their country’s individuality.

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