Top 3 Project Management Applications for Malaysia

When working with clients in other countries, it is important to research differences that may affect your business relationship. Here are some things to consider when collaborating with project teams in Malaysia.

Corporate Etiquette in Malaysia

Malays exchange business cards and expect you to be on time, even though they may be late. They value cultivating a personal relationship before getting to business, and take their time making decisions, so be patient.

Expect agreements to remain fluid even after you have a written contract. Anticipate it taking several trips to the negotiation table, and that they’ll err on their side in the beginning. Malays are polite and don’t appreciate aggressive sales tactics.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Malaysia

The software you use to collaborate with your overseas partners will impact your success. Here are our recommendations for the best products for the Malaysian market.

Cloud Computing in Malaysia

Malaysia is #13 on the BSA 2016 Global Cloud Computing Scorecard. Malaysia has up-to-date electronic commerce, signature and privacy laws that fortify their cloud computing endeavors. They do have room for improvement with copyright law enforcement.

Malaysia has average broadband penetration. However, the government is striving for 100% high speed access in highly populated areas, and bringing slower speed access to 50% of rural households by 2020.


Malaysians are cordial and reserved. They will not express themselves bluntly, so listen carefully to ascertain their meaning. Arrive on time, but allow some latitude for your Malaysian counterparts, and have your business card ready to exchange after your first introduction.

Business attire is more formal and conservative including white shirts and ties for male executives. Attire for women would include wearing tops with sleeves and either a skirt or slacks. Avoid wearing yellow, as it is a color reserved for Malaysian royalty.

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