Top 3 Project Management Applications for Ireland

Foreign team members can teach you a lot when you manage projects for clients overseas. Here are some things to know when working with colleagues in Ireland.

Corporate Etiquette in Ireland

You should always be punctual, but your Irish colleagues don’t take meeting times too seriously. Good connections are important, and a third party recommendation may help when conducting business in Ireland.

The Irish style is laid back, they don’t prefer strict schedules, and your partners may want to work on the next couple of steps instead of focusing on anything too far into the future. While relaxed in demeanor, their negotiating style is more assertive. You might also want to bring your clubs, as the golf course serves as a common meeting location in Ireland.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Ireland

Take time to research and select the best collaborative software when working with your international team. Here are our recommendations for the Irish market.

Cloud Computing in Ireland

Ireland is #16 on the 2018 Global Connectivity Index (GCI) improving one spot from last year. This is due to reasonably priced and accessible broadband services as well as great coverage. The country’s notably successful transition to the cloud was well-funded, and supported by a strong infrastructure.

They do enjoy both an established market and skilled workforce, and provide a digital hub for collaboration to flourish. To improve further, Ireland does have initiatives underway to get broadband to the rural areas, to provide education, and to encourage its citizens to continue to embrace technology.


You can expect your Irish team mates to be polite and welcoming, and to work hard. They do, however, enjoy a more relaxed pace that allows for time to stop and chat. Spending time with family is very important in Ireland.

Irish attire includes modest, subtle colors, with coats and ties for men, and suits with skirts or dresses with jackets for women. Oh, and be sure to pack a raincoat, which is in style all year around!

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