Top 3 Project Management Applications for Germany

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You may manage a project for a foreign client if you work for an international company. Researching the way project teams in other countries operate will help you to prepare for your first contact. Here are some things to consider when working with teammates in Germany.

Corporate Etiquette in Germany

When entering a new business relationship, your German counterparts may request your professional dossier in an effort to verify your credentials and establish trust before your first meeting. Punctuality is important, and you can expect meetings to be on the books weeks in advance and be formal in nature. German employees are expected to submit to authority, take work seriously and only verbally participate in meetings when they have knowledgeable insight to offer, and even then, only when asked.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Germany

Since other countries have different IT capabilities, be sure to select the software products that enable the greatest collaborative experience. Here are the best ones for the German market.

The 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard ranked Germany 3rd on its list for cloud computing readiness. Germany safeguards cloud computing services thorough cyber-crime regulations and up-to-date intellectual property protection.

Cloud Computing in Germany

Germany is committed to international cooperation, and similar to most European countries, has extensive privacy laws. Its registration requirements, however, are expensive and that can create financial obstacles. Making good progress already, it is Germany’s goal to provide broadband to all homes by 2018.


You can expect your German counterparts to research your background and credentials before your first meeting. Your German colleagues will seek a trustworthy partnership, and once established, will be ready to get into the business agenda. Be punctual and come prepared. Rank and authority are major aspects of Germany’s corporate culture. Consider these cultural traits as you create an effective collaborative environment.

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