Top 3 Project Management Applications for Ecuador

Conducting business with overseas project teams can be a great opportunity to learn about new cultures. Here are some things to know when working with business partners in Ecuador.

Corporate Etiquette in Ecuador

Be on time for meetings, but your Ecuadorian team mates may arrive fashionably late up to 20 minutes after the set time. Business hours are also flexible, with some days not starting until 10 a.m., as it’s customary to enjoy a leisurely and relaxing morning before coming to work.

Who you know is key, and old acquaintances and recommendations will help you do business in Ecuador. Your foreign colleagues also like to deal in person, with the same person, as building rapport is important. Remember that most business contacts speak English, but it’s a good idea to ask, so that you may set up an interpreter if needed.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Ecuador

Choose the best collaborative software that meets the needs of your team both at home and abroad. Here are our recommendations for the Ecuadorian market.

Cloud Computing in Ecuador

Ecuador is #67 on the 2018 Global Connectivity Index (GCI) as the country continues to show improvement in both coverage and device usage. Fixed-line broadband is an issue due to geographical obstacles and insufficient funding for technological infrastructure.

Ecuador is growing and developing its digital economy, with its people primarily turning to mobile devices over fixed lines. The Ecuador Digital 2.0 plan aims to increase access and improve infrastructure. Ecuador has recently incorporated their data center in Quito with 17 other Latin American centers through CentryLink. This move will improve connectivity, infrastructure, availability, quality, speed and cloud computing capabilities.


Ecuador is a culturally diverse country whose people are welcoming and friendly. They esteem elders, and respect those in authority.

Dress in Ecuador is conservative. Men’s formal meeting attire would include a suite and tie, whereas, business casual is appropriate for less formal meetings. Women should wear a suit for an initial meeting, but after that, a more casual dress or skirt and blouse would be appropriate.

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