Top 3 Project Management Applications for Colombia

When working on international project teams, researching cultural nuances can help you get off to the best start possible. Here are some things you should know when working with clients in Colombia.

Corporate Etiquette in Colombia

Colombians are usually on time, but they do see meeting times as more fluid, being up to a half hour late. If your counterpart says he/she will call you “in an hour or two” or “tomorrow”, prepare to hear from him/her perhaps as late as the next week.

Personal relationships are important to Colombians, so take time to build rapport, and let them bring up business matters. You can also expect meetings to be low key, and decision making slow moving as conducting business in person is their preferred method. 3rd party contacts in Colombia are useful as well, so have someone local in place before you start your project.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Colombia

Selecting the best collaborative software is important for any project. Here are our product recommendations for the Colombian market.

Cloud Computing in Colombia

Colombia ranks 34 out of 50 on the Global Connectivity Index (GCI) 2017. The country’s New Plan Vive Digital 2014-2018 strives to improve its digital economy, and increase government effectiveness as they provide better service to their citizens. Colombia is a broadband access and affordability leader among South American countries.

However, Colombia has growth opportunities both in IT infrastructure and cloud computing capabilities. Continuing work on their internet competitiveness will boost Colombia’s economy by offering entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized business owners better access, which allows Colombians to conduct business worldwide and to take part in the global market.


Colombians value good manners and are polite and courteous. Remember your Colombian team members should be on time, but allow for 30 minutes delay as acceptable for business, and up to an hour for a social occasion. Business dress is conservative including suits for men, suits or dresses for women, with less formal wear acceptable in the warmer months.

Keep Colombia’s IT growth in mind when choosing collaborative software, and spend time building a personal relationship before jumping into business. Taking note of the Colombian culture before your first contact will help you lead your team to a successful project conclusion.

Rebekah Peterman

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