Top 3 Project Management Applications for China

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If you are part of an international project team, be sure to consider how cultural nuances may affect your project outcome. Here are some things you should know when working with colleagues in China.

Corporate Etiquette in China

The Chinese value punctuality, and esteem business rank as important from the 1st contact, to greeting and seating. English is not the preferred language used in business meetings, so be sure to have an interpreter present. When preparing your business cards, make sure one side is in English and the other is in simplified Chinese.

Business deals take time as the Chinese are distrusting of Westerners, and don’t view a signed contract as the end of negotiations. They may fabricate urgency or make unrealistic demands to get the upper hand, or in some cases, to cause you to end the partnership if they no longer care to do business.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for China

The right collaborative software is the key to clear communication during your project. Here are our product recommendations for the Chinese market.

Cloud Computing in China

China is #23 on the 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard, slipping from 19th in 2013. China obstructs IT development and innovation by opposing imported technologies and lacking intellectual property protections. Additional areas for improvement include providing free trade options, and creating cyber-crime and privacy legislation.

China’s certification requirements, cyber-security product restrictions, and internet censorship impede progress. China has made strides in IT infrastructure and cloud-computing services, but the country’s local testing mandates limit telecommunications and IT products.


The Chinese approach personal and business relationships differently. While warm and hospitable in friendships, they see business with Westerners as an “us vs. them” scenario. When at a meal, discuss business only if your host brings it up.

Clothing is simple and conservative, with men wearing coats and ties in cooler weather with both items optional in the summer months, and women wearing pantsuits or dresses. Elder respect and saving face are important concepts in Chinese culture, so keep this in mind when conducting business with your project partners.

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