Top 3 Project Management Applications for Australia

Managing a successful project with collaborators in another country may require you to pay special attention to cultural nuances. Here are some tips for working with business partners in Australia.

Corporate Etiquette in Australia

Australians value personal connections and establishing trust, but once they do, it is straight down to business! Make sure you are punctual to meetings, which means showing up about 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. Your Australian counterparts’ are typically straightforward, have an efficient approach to business dealings, and are good-natured but direct communicators.

Use appropriate prefixes (i.e. Mr., Ms.) to start, but you can anticipate moving to a first-name basis swiftly once signaled by your Australian colleagues. Refrain from using titles of position in a boasting manner, shake hands when you arrive and leave, keeping in mind that it is polite for a man to allow a woman to extend her hand first.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Australia

When working with clients located in Australia, remember that their IT infrastructure will support some software products better than others. In an effort to create a great collaborative scenario, here are the best software products for the Australian market.

Cloud Computing in Australia

The 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard ranks Australia 6th on its list, falling from its prior ranking at 2nd. Australia encourages cloud-computing efforts and has a strong dedication toward global collaboration. New, tedious data retention obligations, however, negatively affected their score on cyber-crime and security.

Australia’s IT infrastructure is pretty well developed, but their  2014 internet speed revisions resulted in limiting coverage. Australia’s rank slipped, because of its broadband and new data retention issues.


Familiarize yourself with cultural differences before making first contact with your Australian team members. Be punctual, communicate efficiently, and expect firm and detailed contracts while leaving a little room for negotiation. Select software that works best for them. Australians value trusted relationships, so take time to create that personal connection. Considering these details will help facilitate a successful project outcome.

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