Top 10 Everhour Integrations to Improve Your Workflow


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Everhour is a time tracking application with scheduling, budgeting, and expense tracking capabilities. It is a time management system with a strong focus on integration. It is used by teams of all sizes to keep a record of time spent doing tasks or projects. People in various industries such as IT, marketing and advertising, and software development, among others, choose the software to enter time and manage schedules, budgets, reporting and invoicing.

Top 10 Integrations

Among the customers of Everhour are individuals and teams from Ambry Genetics, Boxfusion Consulting, Publicis Groupe, Nielsen Brandbank, and more. Companies use it across their entire organizations not only for time tracking, but also for tracking client billable work, for internal projects, and for analysis of performance to improve efficiency. The software focuses on integration so that it can provide the best time tracking functionality within the best existing applications in their respective categories. Therefore, you are meant to use Everhour with the applications you are already using to improve your workflow.

1. Asana

Asana is a leading project and work management solution for teams of all sizes. However, it does not have a built-in time tracking tool. With Everhour integration, users can easily track time with a quick setup. Time controls are natively added in the Asana interface so they can track time with only a few clicks. Moreover, additional features are available, such as displaying a timer, an estimate, and reported time next to the task title.

2. GitHub

GitHub collaborative coding and development platform works with Everhour seamlessly. Users who are working on coding and development projects can have new projects or changes synchronized automatically with their time tracking software. Set up is quick, and time tracking controls appear right inside the GitHub interface. No switching between apps is needed, and estimates are always in front of the user.

3. Insightly

People use Insightly CRM to build lifelong customer relationships. However, to improve your marketing workflow and processes, integration with Everhour is needed. Once connected, you will be able to see how much time is spent talking to customers on the phone, for example. Or how much time in a day is spent by staff managing their sales database. The integration with Insightly allows users to log time directly inside the CRM software, while enabling managers see aggregated data and analyze team activities.

4. Slack

Slack is a leader in team communications software. However, it does not have a time tracking capabilities. With Everhour integration, teams using Slack for their communication now also can receive notifications when someone starts or finishes working on a task. They can also see the total time spent, compare it with the estimate, and even leave comments on time entries for proper context. Users are also notified whenever there are time adjustments or changes in the deadline.

5. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online accounting software is ideal for SMBs. With integration to Everhour, project teams and accounting teams are able to work seamlessly. Users can export invoices created in the time tracking software into QuickBooks, and actual status is synced back to Everhour. Therefore, everyone can easily track time and accurately watch project progress. Billable hours are automatically copied, so no switching between apps or copy-pasting needed.

6. Trello

Teams use Trello to visually collaborate on shared projects. It is a great tool for tracking day-to-day task status and workflows. Unfortunately, it does not have a built-in time tracker. Integrating Everhour into Trello provides users an accurate and convenient way of tracking time as they work on their day-to-day tasks. It also shows actuals vs estimates with the latest data in real time. Reports can also be organized and generated using information from tasks in the PM tool.

7. Jira

The logo of Jira.

Jira is a popular project and issue tracking software preferred by software development teams. When working with tasks or issues, it is just as important to monitor how much time is spent completing or resolving them. The Everhour integration allows Jira users to easily track time and see the time already spent compared to estimates. They can also see total time on top of every column of their project boards.

8. Basecamp

Basecamp project management and team communication software is preferred by many teams and companies for its simple interface and powerful features. Integration with Everhour gives it a complete set of tools that include time tracking for every Basecamp to-do. Reported time for every to-do per employee is easily visible, as well as actual progress and estimate for that to-do. Time can automatically be tracked with a timer or entered manually.

9. Xero

Another preferred accounting software by small to mid-size companies is Xero Software. It is a cloud-based tool for managing invoicing, bank reconciling, purchasing, expenses, and others. By integrating it with Everhour, users are able to accurately track employee time for invoicing and payroll purposes. Invoices in the time tracking software are automatically copied to Xero Software for more efficient use of time and less chance of error in entries.

10. Zapier

Zapier is a powerful integration software that enables users to connect Everhour to more than a thousand applications. Connecting apps through Zapier is easy and without the need to write complex code. The result is improved data and workflow through automation. Furthermore, users are able to save time from manual and repetitive activities.


Everhour can be used alone as a separate app to track time for any task, activity, or project. However, as an integration, it enables users to use their main tools, whether for project management, for communication, or for accounting, with time tracking controls already natively embedded in the interface. This results in more efficient use of tools, without having to spend time switching between apps, and get time perspectives in relation to other data.

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