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Workfront is one of the applications that companies can use for enterprise work and project management. It aims to help teams, people, and businesses become more productive and get the work done. Its features include document management, issue and time tracking, and portfolio management, among others. Workfront’s capabilities give the user the power to do more than just plainly accomplishing their work. Users can use it for creating global marketing campaigns, driving technology transformation, and designing new products. Teams can use Workfront as the one place where they can create content, share their ideas, and manage complex processes. With this, teams have an operational system of record where everything can be found which helps improve accountability.

What is great about Workfront is that it connects users to the tools that they already use. The software has out-of-the-box integrations that allow users to create their best works. Whether teams use collaboration tools or creative applications, Workfront connects these to their organization. It also has tools that include project management, agile project management, and resource management tools. In terms of security, Workfront is designed to meet regulatory requirements for information security, data privacy, and compliance.

Top Tutorials

Workfront today serves more than 3,000 organizations. In fact, 10 out of 10 of the world’s best brands use the software every day. It is perfect for teams and businesses that want greater efficiency and better support for their teams. For those who want to learn about how to use Workfront, the top 10 tutorials are outlined below.

1.Workfront Experience

The Workfront Experience page is the best place to go to for various tutorial videos on the software. The page talks about how the developers have worked to improve the platform for its valued users. The platform has become more flexible, intuitive, and modern to suit the growing needs of its users. The video tutorials cover the following subjects:

  • Preparing for the new experience
  • Navigating the new Workfront experience
  • Task landing page overview
  • Project landing page
  • Task side summary
  • Making a request

The page also has several downloadable contents that are related to using the software.

2. Work Experience for Team Members

This Workfront page aims to help users with a work license to join the training for team members. The page is intended for those who will be collaborating with their teams for their documents and projects. Workfront presents three steps for the course which include learning the basics, testing knowledge, and sharpening skills. For the first step, it offers a video called On-demand which is about the software. Users can also choose to attend live training through a button where they can find sessions. For the second step, users can take the two-minute quiz. As for the third step, there are help articles available for the users for their enrichment.

3. The New Workfront Experience     

The New Workfront Experience page is full of helpful articles about using the software. It is not only limited to the things that users can do using Workfront but it also talks about the improvements made to it. This page definitely has the answers to all questions regarding Workfront.

4. Workfront Training Curriculum Guide  

This Workforce Training Curriculum Guide is the go-to when it comes to learning more about the software. It provides videos, print-ready resources, and articles to help users take advantage of Workfront’s capabilities. This page guides users in learning the new Workfront Experience.

5. Workfront Video

The new Workfront Experience video aims to help users migrate to the new experience with ease. It shows users how and where to find the tools that they use daily and show new tips to help them become more productive. Users can see that the video focuses on the software’s default landing page. The video is very clear and the mouse navigates the page just as the narrator talks. All in all, it is a great way to discover the new Workfront Experience without any hassles.

6. Youtube Workforce Product Demo

The Workforce Product Demo is created by no less than Workfront itself. More than just a tutorial video, it is the best way to introduce the software and show how it works. It features different users and how they can navigate Workfront. The video doesn’t just show a monotonous screen of Workfront’s layout but shifts from one angle to another. It reinforces the narrator’s statement with pop-ups on the screen.

7. Youtube

This Youtube tutorial was created by a user herself who also wants to share how she navigates the software. The main focus of the video is the tasks, including requests. Also, it teaches how to manage content within the software.

8. Youtube Tutorial Video Playlist

This Youtube Tutorial Video Playlist contains three tutorial videos on how to use Workfront. The first one discusses how to create a project request while the second one discusses how to submit a work request. The third video shows how users can navigate the ‚ÄòMy Work’ side of the software. These three videos can be played successively and shows the screen as the narrator speaks.

9. Workfront Ascent

Workfront Ascent is considered the new hub for learning everything about Workfront. It contains a library that is full of courses and also offers live training. More specifically, Workfront Ascent has the following features:

  • Guided training programs
  • Progress tracking so that users can pick up where they left off
  • Credentials
  • More than 150 videos
  • Live, expert-led training
  • Print-ready resources

Users only need to click on the Go to Workfront Ascent button to be redirected.

10. LeapPoint

LeapPoint shows a comprehensive collection of Workfront tips. This page shows 10 Workfront Pro Tips with screenshots to help users understand and visualize what the tips are about. These tips help users take advantage of Workfront’s capabilities without wasting any time.


It is definitely a huge advantage when teams use Workfront. There is no need to conduct expensive and time-consuming training as these tutorials conveniently show users the way to use Workfront.


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