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Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront, a marketing team can create an Adobe campaign and present it to decision-makers and get executive buy-in. A project manager can allocate resources and assign tasks. The creative team can add new contents and proof content as it receives comments from stakeholders directly from Adobe Creative Cloud. However, users need to get the right training to get the most out of using the software.


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Top Workfront Tutorials

Adobe Workfront is a project and work management platform that enables teams and enterprises to run efficiently while undertaking all types of projects and challenges. It connects all work processes and phases, from strategy to delivery so businesses achieve their goal. The Workfront system facilitates the integration of employees and data across the organization. It provides a task and workflow management tool that lets teams discover smarter insights and achieve measurable outcomes.

In short, Workfront gives users a unique solution that combines work and experience management together. The Adobe Workfront setup enables teams to deliver personalized experiences to manage work and creative content using one platform. It’s a powerful solution, which means to take the best advantage of its features, teams should look into this short list of the top Workfront resources to access tutorials, courses, and other training documentation.

Adobe Workfront Tutorials

Workfront provides a library of training videos and articles to help new Workfront users better understand its features and settings. It includes a list of topics such as setting up the software for the organization, using a custom form or calculated expressions or managing a request. Popular tutorials include those that demonstrate how to find a layout template, how to make a request, or how to create a report.

Adobe’s Experience League tutorials also have topics for specific products such as Workfront Fusion, Workfront Proof, and Workfront DAM. Other tutorial topics cover reporting, managing resources, managing goals, integrations, agile, and other best practices. 

Adobe Workfront Courses

Adobe offers a curated collection of courses and lessons to help users quickly gain skills and knowledge to use its products. From the Experience League site, a user can filter all available courses to show relevant Workfront courses for different levels and roles. Users can get a brief description of the course before they decide to click the Start Course button.

In addition to how-tos on using a particular feature of Workfront like Scenario Planner, tutorials are available for related solutions like Adobe Analytics. About two dozen courses for Workfront are available, including tutorials for executives, workers, and collaborators. Some courses are specific to agile methodologies, while others discuss basics like the different phases of a project. 

Adobe Digital Learning Services

Adobe provides users the opportunity to learn through various modes by getting a learning subscription with Adobe Digital Learning Services. Subscribers get unlimited access to essential training on different Adobe Experience Cloud products including Workfront. Participants can choose to attend live virtual, instructor-led training in various time zones. They can also opt for more convenient on-demand recorded training sessions.

Subscribers can easily apply a filter to their chosen product such as Workfront, and also choose the learning type, limiting their searches to on-demand courses, live instructor courses, learning paths, or a combination of these. For Workfront, there are more than 20 courses available, including topics for administration; building connections and workflows; managing projects; and for managing notifications. Some of the more in-depth coursework, like the Workfront Fusion learning pathway will earn the participant certification at the end of the course.

Adobe Workfront Documentation

A comprehensive centralized documentation home page for Workfront gives users easy access to all product and technical documentation. It contains docs, tutorials, and additional resources to teach users how to implement and use the marketing work management software in their organization. The page has intuitive sections and numerous useful links, along with side navigation to quickly jump to and search for a topic.

The page also includes sections for product announcements, administration and setup topics, basic terms, navigation, and available actions. Finally, documentation covering the agile implementation of the software, specific tools, available APIs, and integration is available.

Adobe Experience League Events

The Experience League’s Events page announces upcoming and on-demand events that users can use for learning opportunity. The page is currently in beta, but 2 events related to Workfront are available that will be happening in a few weeks.

One event is a System Admins Essential webinar and another is a customer workshop about user adoption of Workfront. Interested parties need to register to reserve their seats. For users who could not make it on announced dates, the page lists several other links to webinar resources, sessions, and videos.

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Workfront Updates

Adobe Workfront is a robust work management tool for handling various workflows like asset management and creative campaigns. It also receives regular updates to provide users better experience, as shown in this video about the new Workfront experience. (Spoiler alert: Workfront will be retiring its Classic experience or interface.)

For Workfront customers looking for turnkey solutions, they can get professional services from consultancies with deep expertise in Adobe solutions including Workfront. For example, Hoodoo Digital, an Adobe solution partner, can quickly provide a solution-specific consultant for companies that have teams still in training. 

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Ready to start with your Workfront training?

Workfront is a trusted software solution that helps companies become strategic and collaborative while improving its digital workflow to win more customers and increase profits. The tutorials and training courses listed can help users get more information about the software and enable companies to maximize the return on their investment.

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