Top 10 Airtable Integrations to Improve Your Workflow


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Airtable is an online organization and collaboration software. It is powered by a relational database at the back end, but interfaces with users through a spreadsheet. It is flexible for teams of any size, and customizable for managing projects, customers, ideas, and more. Furthermore, users can choose from different types of views when looking at their information, so they can quickly find the right data and perspective to make informed decisions and take immediate action.

Top 10 Integrations

Since its launch in 2013, Airtable today is being used by over 80,000 companies, such as Cole Haan, Expedia, and BuzzFeed. HR teams and agencies use the software to get a more accurate snapshot of their employees to place them at the right projects and clients. Marketing and communications professionals utilize it to create their calendars, to launch and track their campaigns, to manage events or for outreach. Flexible as it is, Airtable can still be extended and expanded with integrations. Integration with other applications helps move information automatically to improve the team’s workflow.

1. Zapier

Zapier is an online application that enables the connection between apps and automates the flow of information between them. Although Airtable integrates directly with some popular apps, Zapier will allow you to integrate with over 1500 cloud applications. These automation can translate to a significant amount of time-saving, allowing you to focus on work that matters.

2. Integromat

Integromat is an online automation platform that connects apps and services without the use of code. It enables automation of workflows by providing users with the ability to create processes from multiple systems, with tools that include error handling, logging, scheduling, templates, and more. Some possible Airtable integrations using Integromat includes updating a Hubspot CRM record from an Airtable form, creating a new record from a Zoho Mail search query, or creating a new Harvest user from a new Airtable record.

3. Workato

Another automation and integration platform is Workato. It works with over 1000 business applications to enable workflow automation between Airtable and other apps. Workato’s recipes work through triggers and actions. For example, a trigger can be the creation or addition of a new record in Airtable. When this trigger occurs, users can choose from a selection of actions, such as a custom action, a creation of a new record, a search for records, or updating a record or records in Airtable.

4. Box

Airtable limits the attachment space per base, depending on the plan the user purchases. The box is a cloud storage and file sharing service. A built-in integration allows users to add attachments or links to their records directly from Box. Thus, they can organize and share links to their Box documents within Airtable, without having to take up space from their base.

5. Dropbox

Another file sharing and cloud storage service are Dropbox. The built-in integration to Airtable allows users to add attachments or links to their records from Dropbox. So, if your team or company or clients use this storage service, it will be easy to manage your documents. You can also share links of your Dropbox content directly within Airtable.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive is more than cloud storage. It is also a secured backup platform used by people for their documents, photos, and other files coming from their desktops, tablets, and Android phones. Moreover, as part of Google Apps, users can share and edit files with Google Docs and other tools. The direct integration of Google Drive with Airtable also allows users to add attachments or their links to records directly from the cloud storage app.

7. Gmail

Gmail is a free and smart email service from Google. Integrating it with Airtable allows you to add file attachments from your mailbox to your records. The integration also enables a deeper connection of the inbox to your workflow. And with the other services and tools now available within Gmail, they can all be organized better with your custom database app.

8. JotForm

JotForm is an online form builder and form creator. It is a full-featured platform that gives companies of all sizes an easy-to-use and intelligent data collection tool. Users can also assign forms to teammates, get notifications, and share forms and submissions. Direct integration between JotForms and Airtable allows users to send JotForm submissions to tables on multiple bases.

9. Typeform

Typeform is another versatile data collection tool. You can build interactive online forms to help your brand engage its customers better. The Airtable integration allows you to match Typeform questions with Airtable fields. With the integration, you can handle requests, get new signups, or ask for feedback, thereby simplifying and automating your marketing workflow.

10. Slack

Airtable is a collaborative application where users can post comments in real-time. However, it is not designed to be a communication tool like Slack. Slack has channels where teams can organize by project, department, location, or any other category. The built-in integration with Slack enables teams to be more efficient with coordinated communication. They can get notified in Slack whenever people make updates in their Airtable app.


The built-in integrations of Airtable with some of these top 10 apps can be enhanced with the use of integration tools like Zapier. For instance, a user can create a record in Airtable from a message in Slack. Integration to a lot more apps such as PM tools, email, social media, payments, or customer support is possible with the use of integration platforms. These can facilitate the movement of information to and from Airtable, or the automation of repetitive tasks, to improve an organization’s workflow.

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