The RACI Matrix Chameleon: How it Changes According to Your Project


A girl can never have too many lipstick options, Zoe Sugg. The same is true about RACI matrix options – you can never have too many. Here is a list of 10 that will help you hypothesize, strategize, and standardize. This article explains how you can modify this responsibility assignment matrix to manage your project resources. In alphabetical order here are your RACI alternatives:

1. ARCI: Approve, Recommend, Consulted, Informed

This alternative organizes who gets to make which decisions. A for Approve: the person in this role is given the authorization to approve answers to a decision. R for Recommend: provides suggestions as to an answer to a decision. C for Consulted: two-way communication in this role – the person in this role instills their wisdom into others. I for Informed: this again is the person who is kept in the loop. They simply stay informed about actions taken on a project.

2. CAIRO: Consulted, Accountable, Informed, Responsible, Out of the loop

DECISION_RACINope, we’re not talking about the capital of Egypt. The RACI acronym is simply ordered differently and the additional function is, on a need to know basis. The O, whether he likes it or not, does not need to know. O for out of the loop or omitted ‚Äì pretty self explanatory. In more polite terms, the purpose of this role is to prevent a cumbersome project. Communication is important, but if someone does not need to be informed, consulted or communicated with they are omitted. It is about keeping the right people in the loop. These are the ones who (and only those people) play an integral part during the project process, which in turn, improves efficiency in a project.

3. DACI: Driver, Approver, Contributors, Informed

More than just rhyming with RACI, this alternative has a few variations. D for Driver: he/she is steering the ship. A for Approve: decision maker(s) and therefore liable. C for Contributors: the squad, send them off to do their thing, keep the channel of communication open and two-way. Then, voila they will produce your deliverable. And finally, as traditionally used in the RACI matrix, I for Informed: the person who needs to be kept abreast as to the actions taken on a task or project because they impact the informed.

4. PACSI: Perform, Accountable, Control, Suggest, Inform

SUGGEST_RACIOn a project where input from numerous stakeholders is necessary this RACI alternative is a viable option.

P for Perform: the person conducting the required activities to complete the task(s). A for Accountable: the delegator and person who may have to explain as to why certain actions were taken. C for Control: the accountable has a side-kick, the control monitors the quality of the final product. Their decision is final, non-negotiable. S for Suggest: because of their wealth of knowledge this person provides insight as to how the task could or should be done. Their decision is NOT final, and is negotiable. I for Informed: once it is all said and done, let the informed know.

5. RACI: Responsible, Assist, Consulted, Informed

ALTERNATIVE_RACIYou may see RACI and think, responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed – but not always. Some find that the responsible and accountable are two of the same. This alternative differentiates the R and A by naming the A, Assist, rather than Accountable. So, A for Assist: the assist provides support during the task completion. And as you already know, the rest of the acronym sticks with tradition.

6. RACIQ: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed, Quality

Q for Quality: of course quality is important, when would it not be? Use the original RACI set-up and add a quality review role to ensure the QUALITY_RACIproduct is the best it can be.

7. RACI-VS: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed – Verifier, Signatory

V is for Verifier and S for Signatory. The more the merrier, add a verifier and a signatory to the mix. Now you have someone whose sole purpose is to ensure the product is up to par. After the verifier says ‚Äò’yes” your signatory double checks everything from top to bottom so that the product is top notch. Of course with this type of role it means that the signatory is also accountable for the product quality. The signatory needs make sure the product meets expectations to fulfill his duties in this role.

8. RAPID: Recommend, Agree, Perform, Input, Decision

RAPID_RACIWho doesn’t want to be rapid!? R for Recommend: this is your adviser. They collect, dissect and project; they will provide a forecast of your project: the good, bad, and unpleasant. This is done to make project planning as painless as possible. A for Agree: that’s right, we need a yes-man. In fact, this role gives the thumbs-up, or not, to what the recommend is saying. We always need a second opinion to make certain we are going to progress rather than regress. The agree is in place for this purpose. P for Perform: when a decision is made the perform performs it – not really. This person decides who will be accountable for putting the plan into action. They don’t complete the task but identify who should. I for Input: a side-kick to the recommend, this ensures that relevant information is gathered so that the recommend and agree can make an informed decision. D for Decision: one final step, this person makes the final decision before the ball gets rolling.

Pheuw! Did you get all that? Here is a picture for more clarity.


9. RASCI or RASI: Responsible, Accountable, Support, Consulted, Informed

AUTHORITY_RACIS for Support: instead of the original RACI construct, take advantage of an additional component with the RASCI matrix. The support will be at your side to assist with completing tasks.

If you don’t need to consult with anyone, and simply need support you have the option of using this matrix in the format, RASI. Let the consulted be on their way, and keep the support role.

10. RATSI: Responsibility, Authority, Task, Support, Informed

This alternative is your ticket to task making magic. R for Responsibility: the boss of ensuring the work gets done. A for Authority: who has the power to make final decisions. T for Task: the worker-bee, someone to get the work done. S for Support: the person who helps get the task work done. I for Informed: they are apprised of when the task is complete.


Whether you want to stick with RACI tradition, or you wish to subtract or add roles according to your project needs this responsibility assignment matrix has you covered. Without fail, RACI alternatives facilitate clear communication and optimize productivity.

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