The Best 5 Websites to Find Online Jobs for Freelancers


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find-jobThe cost of living in modern times is so high that extra income is by all means necessary. Fortunately, several sites and online platforms have arisen which grant people the ability to work for various organizations in different capacities, and as per their availability, opposed to being permanently employed by one organization and in one capacity for a fixed income. This practice is called freelancing.

The Top 5 Freelancing Sites

Formal employment as we know it today is becoming scarce by the day thanks to a rapidly growing global population and with it, the stiff competition for such resources. Freelancing is thus becoming the main income-earning channel for many would-be job-seekers. The discussion that follows aims to identify and explain the top 5 best sites to find online jobs with the aim of aiding potential freelancers to get started in this field.


toptal logoToptal is a tech start-up company that is based in San Francisco, California area. It basically links engineers, software developers, and web designers among other technical graduates with prospective clients. It is currently available in 35 countries mostly in Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East. Prospective freelancers are subjected to very strict screening before being admitted.


freelancer logoFreelancer is an online platform which grants prospective workers otherwise known as freelancers the opportunity to register, create a profile, and then bid for work from among the several projects of various categories that are posted there from time to time. It accepts freelancers from around 247 countries and has plenty of work indeed. It is one of the biggest freelancing websites in terms of the number of clients, freelancers, and projects posted. Read our review


upwork-logoUpwork is a freelancing company that was formed as a result of a merger between oDesk and Elance. It enables freelancers to create profiles and then bid for jobs of various categories including but not limited to web development, online writing, design & creativity, customer service, accounting & consultancy, and administrative assistance. Upwork is another huge freelancing website, with more than 4 million clients seeking workers for their projects. Read our review


guru-logoGuru is an online company that is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It brings together freelancers looking for work and millions of clients worldwide. Freelancers are only required to visit the company’s website, create a profile, and select work depending on their areas of interests and technical expertise from such categories as writing & translation, administrative support, sales & marketing, engineering & architecture, and management & finance, to mention but a few. It is one of the oldest freelancing websites out there. Read our review


peopleperhour logoPeoplePerHour was founded in the year 2005 and based in London. Its mission is to aid small technology companies who may not be able to hire full-time workers to secure the services of skilled workforce worldwide. Freelancers, especially those who specialize in Information Technology, are thus granted the opportunity to work for prestigious IT companies worldwide in areas such as web design, web development, web content creation, and web promotion, and in doing so, earn very generous amounts of money. Read our review

Work on your Own Terms

Freelancing is one of the huge businesses today. It connects millions of clients with millions of freelancers. It provides amazing benefits for both the client and the freelancer. As the client can hire freelancers on demand, or per project basis, freelancers can work from home and in their own time. In addition, freelancers can bid on projects that they like and ignore the ones that they do not. Also, they can bid an amount that they think is suitable for the work being required to be done. Such benefits mean freelancing will continue to grow in the future.

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