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Guru – Search and Find Work, Apply for Jobs, and Get Hired

guru-logoToday, there are a lot more freelancing websites than there were a few years ago. Freelancing is a thriving online business that has been growing ever since the internet started evolving. Having started at a smaller scale during the early years of blogging, freelancing has grown to emerge as a self-sustaining industry in the digital world. In recent years, several big freelancing companies have emerged. Most of these companies are registered businesses in countries where they operate from. One of the long existing freelance companies is Guru.com.

Introducing Guru

Guru is an online freelancing website that was founded back in 1998. It first started out under a different name, initially being called eMoonlighter.com. After making some acquisitions and expansion plans, it has since then grown and expanded into the giant freelancing marketplace that it is today. It is headquartered in Pittsburgh, United States.


How it Works

Guru is a freelancing website where freelancers are paid on hourly rates for their projects. Membership is acquired by signing up on the website. The process is usually an easy one for most people with basic internet skills. The membership is also free at the basic level. The continued use of the website gives the freelancer an opportunity to enhance their portfolio and increase their rank thus enabling them to receive better paying projects as well as have a good reputation with clients. Guru charges a commission of 8.95% for each project that is assigned to a freelancer. The payment is however adjusted to show the amount that the freelancer will earn. The biggest advantage of doing freelance work is the flexibility of the job. Guru was once very famous because of its marketing strategies where it encouraged freelancers to seek opportunities in the website by selling the ‘work from home’ idea. Indeed, this ability to be able to earn an income from the comfort of home is a big advantage of doing freelance work that cannot be overlooked.

Why Choose Guru

Being one of the most established and long existing freelancing websites, Guru has earned a reputation among many freelancers and has grown over the many years because of referrals and word of mouth. The testimonies of freelancers have enabled Guru to continue encouraging more and more freelancers to give it a try and making it their chosen avenue for selling their skills. The trust that its clientele has upon its ability to have a good working environment for both clients and freelancers is enough to encourage any budding freelancer. In addtion, Guru has a Safepay model of payment where freelancers are guaranteed payment for their work done. If a freelancer has been assigned a project, they are able to confidently work on it as this model is a great assurance of their rightfully earned money.

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Challenges at Guru

For new freelancers at Guru, finding the right project can be a difficult task. Placing the right bid can also prove to be hard. Many times, beginner freelancers have to spend hours reading through every project before they can find the right one which they can work on. The process of bidding is also a new idea to beginners on the site and understanding how to make a good bid without overbidding or underbidding is a challenge to someone doing it for the first time. Additionally some new freelancers have found the website difficult to navigate. This, coupled with misunderstandings between freelancers and the websites customer care, are some of the challenges that freelancers can usually come across. But all in all, Guru is definitely a remarkable company in the field of freelancing and a good avenue for prospective freelancers to earn a good income. For more reviews and information, visit their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn pages.

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