Stackfield Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

stackfield Stackfield is a project management tool that manages team projects tasks, documents and messages in real-time in end-to-end encrypted data rooms. The software offers true encryption, making your data confidential, and also perfectly applicable in cases where protection of corporate information is critical.


Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Cloud-based Collaboration – Stackfield offers cloud-based collaboration that is essential in meeting one’s daily compliance guidelines. It allows your team to work in an environment that is adaptable according to the set policies, and the daily activities take place in the organizations where adjustments are possible. This cloud tool helps freely decide the data to be encrypted and those with access rights of the entire organization’s data or parts of the data. Users are added as either members or guests to the organization and thus you are able to control your whole team to facilitate the assignments of rights and roles which can be edited within a data room.
  • Real-time Team Communication – Messages and files are exchanged in real-time within each data room. This is facilitated by the availability of group chats within each data room. The simple group chat on Stackfield also offers protection and security by using end-to-end encryption which ensures that all the information stays in one place without spreading over various unsecured platforms.
  • Easy Task and Change Management – Stackfield offers seamlessly integrated task management into the communication. Tasks can be easily created, due dates set and files attached to each task in every single room. All the relevant information is collected at a single central location whereby one can attach files and make the necessary comments. The global task overview and the dashboard ensures easy task tracking and that you are always up to date with the tasks of your team. With the version history that stackfield offers, you are able to perform and trace all the necessary changes. The re-uploads and comments can be easily traced. By use of the global overview or the search bar you are able to see all documents and files of all your data rooms.

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Stackfield offers simple pricing with no credit card requirement, no minimum contract term and it is monthly cancelable. The software also offers a free trial version and afterwards subscription of only 4 Euros per month/team member for a business and 29 Euros per month/team member for an enterprise.

stackfield pricing for Business and Enterprise

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Target Market

Stackfield targets organizations that put a high priority on protecting their corporate information. The tool is perfect for companies that deal with a lot of sensitive data such as consulting firms, engineers, architects, law firms, and banking institutions.

Supported Languages

It supports German and English language.

Some of their Clients

Stackfield has a clientele of 10,000 companies that are using the software and are fully satisfied with its workability. The individual clients include reputable engineers, architects, lawyers and bankers.

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Why Stackfield?

Apart from offering flexibility in its pricing, there are many other reasons why Stackfield is the preferable software for project management. It offers simplicity in daily routine work, enhances cloud collaboration and has enhanced encryption security that ensures your data is safe and secure. With Stackfield, all you project management tasks are simplified.

Company Info

Stackfield is a company based in Munich, Germany that was founded by Christian Mudure who is also the CEO of the company. The company puts the greatest emphasis on security, and their software are considered to be some of the most secure applications.


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