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Here’s our list of the top five flowchart software solutions that make it easy for everyone involved to draw, view, and understand each step of their process.

  • Microsoft Visio is best for teams operating within the Microsoft ecosystem
  • ClickUp is best for teams who need integration with robust project management software
  • Miro is best for teams who need flowcharting and mind mapping in a single platform
  • LucidChart is best for scalability
  • EdrawMax is best for pre-loaded templates

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Microsoft Visio logo

Microsoft Visio: Best for Teams Already Operating within the Microsoft Ecosystem

Why make things more complicated than they need to be? For businesses of all sizes who have invested deeply in the Microsoft business software universe, Visio’s approach to flowchart building will feel familiar, which should help flatten the learning curve.

Microsoft 365 commercial subscribers can also access a lightweight version of the Visio web app, allowing teams to create diagrams from anywhere collaboratively. It comes with ready-to-use flowchart templates, starter diagrams, stencils, and customizable shapes.

Visio integrates with Microsoft 365 apps to enhance the features of visual process flows. Users can create, view, edit, and collaborate on diagrams from inside Teams. They can also embed diagrams into Power BI dashboards, export diagrams to Power Automate, break down complex diagrams into individual parts in PowerPoint slide snippets, or store and share files in OneDrive.


Pros & Cons


  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Customization features
  • Library of templates


  • Compatibility issues when importing diagrams from other software
  • Pricing is on the high side
clickup logo.

ClickUp: Best for teams who need integration with robust project management software

ClickUp is a comprehensive project management platform that offers a range of features to streamline and consolidate various project tasks. From managing tasks and resources to planning projects and tracking time, ClickUp provides an all-in-one solution for project teams. 

ClickUp’s notable feature when it comes to flowcharts is the Whiteboard. The Whiteboard essentially provides users with a blank canvas which allows them to create flowcharts, mind maps, and other diagrams they might need. This integrated flowchart feature also enables users to seamlessly incorporate project tasks and documentation into the flowchart. Additionally, users can also add web URLs and other relevant information to enhance the flowchart’s functionality. 

With ClickUp being an integrated tool, it’s a formidable option for project teams who want to make flowcharts and keep it in a space with all their other information.

ClickUp flowchart screenshot.

ClickUp Whiteboard Flowchart – Source: accessed April 2024 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to add tasks and docs from your project plan into the flowchart
  • Whiteboard feature available in Free plan
  • Templates available
  • Can embed assets from Figma, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, or Youtube


  • Flowchart complexity is limited by number of shapes (processes) available; users are restricted to Terminals, Tasks, Decisions, and Flow.
miro software logo.

Miro: Best for Teams Who Need Flowcharting and Mind Mapping in a Single Platform

Miro is a visual collaboration platform for teams. It is an online whiteboard platform that brings teams together for meetings and workshops, brainstorming, research and design, and mapping and diagramming. It has an online flowchart maker that allows teams to create flowcharts speedily to simplify workflows and daily routines.

Miro lets teams plot flowcharts together so they can check off all essential steps in their processes. Users can start with a simple flowchart template or a cross-functional flowchart template, or choose a swimlane diagram template for more complex processes. Aside from its extensive template library, it is also intuitive to use, includes styling tools, facilitates collaboration through feedback and co-authoring, and integrates with other software, like Google Docs, so users can edit files directly in the flowchart maker.



  • In-browser collaboration
  • Document co-authoring
  • Drag-and-drop interface


  • Overwhelming for new users; training recoemmended
  • Limited color settings
lucidchart logo.

Lucidchart: Best for Scalability

Lucidchart diagramming software is an application that enables users to make better decisions by clarifying complexities and aligning insights. The flowchart maker includes a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration so teams can easily create a shared vision that brings everyone onto the same page.

Lucidchart’s dynamic flowchart creator lets users turn engineering data flows, code, and structures into clear visuals that non-technical viewers can understand. It has customizable flowchart templates that can help teams understand and communicate processes. Real-time collaboration allows users to work alongside teammates on the same canvas simultaneously. Other features include a mobile app, presentation mode, and Google Workspace integrations.


Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Customization features
  • Tiered plans, including a free plan


  • Available shapes are not as extensive as other leading software
  • Limited ways to add text, titles, and notes
EdrawMax logo.

EdrawMax: Best for Preloaded Templates

Wondershare EdrawMax is all-in-one diagram software with rich flowchart templates and other templates to turn ideas into visuals. Users can create flowcharts and visuals to clarify processes that drive better business decisions. It offers a subscription plan billed semi-annually and annually, as well as downloadable plans with one-time payment supported on different desktop platforms.

Aside from being a flowchart maker, EdrawMax also has tools for floor plan designing, electrical engineering, and software and system planning. Companies can use it to diagram meetings and brainstorming activities, build organizational charts, layout piping and industrial systems, and create plans for strategies and projects. The software supports several image file types, including Visio files.


Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use
  • Template libraries
  • Strong industrial-type diagrams


  • Some file compatibility issues
  • Inconsistent availability of support

Frequently Asked Questions

Flowchart software is a diagramming or drawing tool accessible via a browser or desktop app that simplifies the creation and sharing of flowcharts for various purposes. Flowcharts can visually represent a wide range of data flows and routines, such as product development workflows, technical and engineering diagrams, and business processes. Flowchart software is also very helpful in visualizing a project’s critical path.

Flowchart makers and tools allow users to layout flowchart sequences easily with ready-to-use templates and a wide choice of stencils, shapes, and connectors. It has an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and smart features that help users create, format, and arrange flowchart components. Today’s best flowchart software can include features such as real-time collaboration, customization, integrations, a presentation mode, and automations.

A flowchart is a very common and highly utilized diagram that easily and clearly visualizes steps in a process. Called by different names — like data flow diagrams, workflows, or process maps — a flowchart provides visual clarity and instant communication. Flowchart software and makers enable users to quickly build complex flowcharts, enabling teams to analyze and solve problems, as well as document solutions.

Read more about when and how to use a flowchart in project management.

Flowchart makers are available in a variety of formats. Although the range of features vary, all these tools enable users to create basic charts with a few steps, as well as complex documents with advanced shapes and detailed elements.

Diagramming Tools

Diagramming tools are software solutions that enable users to create a variety of business and industrial diagrams from a library of templates, stencils, shapes, and connectors. They also have built-in drawing tools, so users can create their own unique shapes in addition to existing elements.

Most tools can integrate with other applications to allow users to work with other file formats. Many cloud-based diagramming tools include real-time collaboration for simultaneous viewing and editing of diagram files.

Online Whiteboard Tools

Online whiteboard tools are collaborative platforms that enable remote users to work on the same virtual whiteboard simultaneously or asynchronously. The platform provides a seemingly infinite canvas that is ideal for brainstorming and mind mapping. Many of these tools include flowchart makers with buttons for common flowchart shapes and elements. Modern whiteboard tools can also accept various multimedia files, such as photos, to create dynamic content.

Must-Have Flowchart Software Features

Flowcharts are useful for a wide range of use cases, so users come from many industries and levels of organization. The following are some important features to look for in a flowchart maker.

  • Template library: A comprehensive library of ready-to-use templates makes it easy for users to choose and build the right flowchart for their needs.
  • Drag-and-drop: A smart interface that reduces the complexity of building a flowchart allows users to spend more time perfecting their diagrams.
  • Graphical elements: A large supply of shapes and flowchart elements means that users can simply pick from available shapes instead of drawing elements themselves.
  • Collaboration: Teams who can view, comment, and edit together can complete flowcharts faster and make sure diagrams are up-to-date.
  • Shareable: Flowcharts are often used for presentations, and seen by people who do not necessarily have editing permissions or access to the tool. Flowchart software with built-in features for secure sharing eliminates the need for additional tools.
  • Integration: The ability to integrate or be compatible with other tools, or at least import and export other file formats, can streamline the flowcharting process.

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