Smartsheet New Update Requests, Gantt/Calendar in Reports

smartsheet logoSmartsheet online project management and collaboration software announced new features that will help its customers save more time as they track and manage projects, task lists, stakeholders, user accounts, and more. Recently, it has added ways to automatically calculate critical path and input partial day durations for more accurate planning and scheduling. Now, the new features provide users the ability to get quick status updates, share the big picture with stakeholders, and help admins of Enterprise plan accounts to configure account authentication.

Send Update Requests Quickly

Smartsheet work management and collaboration cloud app enables its users to share their work and collaborate by sharing sheets, or publishing these sheets to the Web as read-only to external partners. Users can also send rows of data and get updates by email. The latest release allows for quicker update requests to any collaborator, regardless whether they have a Smartsheet account or not. Project managers can select rows, choose which columns to include, and set other details in a simple form that is sent to contractors, consultants, clients and other partners by email. When they receive the email, they update a form, click Submit Update when finished, and the software automatically updates the sheet.

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For users to send Update Requests using their desktop, they should highlight the row they want updated by clicking the row number on the leftmost side. To highlight multiple rows, they should hold down the Shift key (for adjacent rows) or Ctrl key (for non-adjacent rows) as they click the row numbers. Next, they have to click the drop-down arrow next to the selected rows or right-click on them where a menu will open, and choose Send Update Request. Then, a Send Update Request form will open. Here, users can specify the email address of the recipient(s) and also edit the Delivery to configure if they want to send the request on a recurring basis or send it at a later date and time.

Add Gantt and Calendar View in Summary Reports

Smartsheet online project management software has powerful reporting features that enable users to discover information across sheets or get a high level view of the work status. They can consolidate tasks and milestones across multiple sheets in a single report. Now, users can even add Gantt and calendar views on reports to show the timeline of a portfolio of projects or a master calendar of activities across multiple initiatives.

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Smartsheet reports can be created by users on Team and Enterprise plans. Reports open in a separate tab. A report is not considered a sheet, but a reflection of data contained across multiple sheets that users can edit, sort and filter. A new report is created with the Report Builder form. To view Gantt and calendar on reports, a report must have two date columns. Once the report is run, users can then click the Gantt or calendar view buttons on the left sidebar. Additionally, in the Gantt view, users can choose to include the %Complete to display the progress on the Gantt bars.

Manage Account Authentications

Smartsheet Enterprise plan customers have specific requirements in terms of the scale of security, administration and data management. The latest release allows admins to use the new self-service feature to help them configure and manage account authentication and user auto-provisioning settings. These features help admins reduce time, labor and complexity in managing user accounts and security aspects. They can restrict sign-up or login options available to users. For instance, they may allow only Google for authentication. They can also intercept new users and automatically add them to an existing company account in Smartsheet.

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