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Sendana Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

Sendana is a Microsoft Outlook for Windows application that integrates with Asana. Email continues to be a popular communication tool for many, and Outlook is one of the most used Windows applications. However, when it comes to project management and collaboration, email is not the ideal tool. Online PM apps such as Asana does a better job, but it also has a cumbersome way in capturing tasks and conversations coming from email into Asana. Sendana makes this process simple and fast, without users having to leave Outlook to switch apps.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Seamless Integration with Asana ‚Äì Sendana uses the Asana email creation system and their powerful API that allows seamless and fast integration between Outlook and Asana. From Sendana, users can select the organization from which the user is a member. They can also select from among teams, projects, project section, or tags. All these information are available from a dropdown on the Sendana interface inside Outlook.
  • Work Directly from Outlook ‚Äì The Outlook add-in helps users save time by allowing them to work right from their favorite email program. They can assign tasks to a project section, add followers to a task, assign tasks to team members, and assign a due date. Working directly from Outlook as email arrives and assigning tasks or people without having to switch applications is a time-saver that also prevents work falling into cracks and being misplaced or forgotten.
  • Create New, Forward Attachments, Expand/Collapse, and more ‚Äì Sendana can be accessed anywhere in Outlook. Thus, it is easy for users to create a task, a team conversation, or a project conversation. Moreover, after creating or assigning the necessary work items in Asana, the user can continue to read, send and do other actions in Outlook. Other features include the ability to forward attachments, to insert the email body into the Description field in one click, to include email headers, and more.


Sendana offers an introductory lifetime license of $24.95 for a single user. In the future, there is a possibility that the add-in will be sold in an annual subscription. A free 30-day trial can be downloaded from their site.

Target Market

Sendana is for users looking for integration between Outlook for Windows and Asana.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

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Luke M. stated that using Sendana helps him keep his action items from piling up in Outlook. It bridges the gap between Outlook and Asana effectively. It addresses numerous productivity issues, but not having to track numerous action emails in Outlook gives him the most benefit. It seamlessly works across all workspaces, projects, teams and conversations.

Why Sendana

Sendana truly bridges the gap that Outlook and Asana users have been trying to solve for some time. Outlook users spend a lot of time in front of their email application as their main communication hub. Being able to access Sendana to capture an action email that should be in Asana is a big factor in boosting their productivity and managing their time and work effectively.

Company Info

Sendana is the brainchild of James Carl, president of Stratelyze LLC, a financial consulting company, and Eric Legault, a veteran developer who has built dozens of MS Outlook add-ins and custom Office solution projects. Sendana comes from the phrase ‚Äòsend to Asana.’ James was inspired to design the add-in while working as a CFO. As a user of both Outlook and Asana, he saw the need and opportunity to create a better integration between the email platform and the online project management application. Sendana launched in March 2017, and most recently, they have added new features, including option to send or not send attachments, and spell checking.

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