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Overview Presentation

proprofs-logoProProfs is an online knowledge-base software which can be essential for a company that is looking to maximize the use of its organization’s collective knowledge and experiences in order to improve it’s customer service and FAQ accessibility. The software provides a highly searchable and centrally managed knowledge base that supports all kinds of files and documents and can be used on multiple devices and platforms. Due to expansion of businesses around the globe, organizations are becoming more and more complex and 39% of an employees’ time is wasted in finding information and recreating the existing information. ProProfs provides convenience to both the employees and the customers by providing them with whatever they are looking for, whenever and wherever they are.

Features, Benefits and Strengths

  • Create Online Knowledge Base – The optimum feature of the software is that the software creates an FAQ and online knowledge base which is supported by 90 languages and hence can be used by employees and customers worldwide. Moreover, the knowledge base can be branded by the logo of your company and you can also add videos and articles to the knowledge base to increase the interaction of the users and make it easy to use.
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere – The software can be used to create knowledge bases of both private and public organizations. The fact that it is easily accessible on any device and supports all kinds of documents makes it easy to use and on the go type of software that doesn’t limit you to any boundaries. An add-on to this is that you can manage the access of information and define the user roles to limit the access of certain information.
  • Analytics and Easy Maintenance – ProProfs provides with analytics to improve the knowledge transfer to the customers and employees. As the software is extremely loaded with information, the analytics helps in producing performance and communication insights. ProProfs also has an important feature that centralizes the new documents by creating new folders, and can also be used to import and export files from one knowledge base to another.Take me to their Website


ProProfs uses a three category pricing strategy for its software namely, Professional, Business and Enterprise. The cheapest one is the Professional software which can be purchased for $9.97/month. This comes with limited features comprising of 1 knowledge base on which 50 articles can be uploaded amounting to 100mb. The most popular one is the Business edition which is priced at $19.97/month. It comprises of 5 knowledge bases on which 100 articles can be uploaded per knowledge base, and the uploading limit is also increased with add-ons of several other features. The third one is the Enterprise software which is for organizations which want to support a huge knowledge base for their customers and employees. The price of it $99.97/month. This category comprises of all the features provided by the software with unlimited amount of knowledge bases and article uploads being the special features. All plans come with a 7-day free trial period. proprofs-pricing

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Target Market

ProProfs is an ideal software for every business which deals with a huge amount of information and complex data. The software is provided with different features to a business according to the amount of knowledge base and data they have to handle.

Supported Languages

ProProfs supports 90 different languages including English, Spanish, French and German.

Some of their clients

Some of their clients include highly reputed organizations like Dell, Sony, Cisco, Harvard, DHL and Yale. Take me to their Website


A user Mr. Dan LaPasha, Ph.D. and Managing Partner, Learning Technologies termed it as “Making training and testing super easy!” Another user Mr. Steve Dawson, Assistant Director of media training at IPC training recommended ProProfs for competency and compliance training. Another user Nance Rosen, faculty member at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and former marketing executive at The Coca-Cola Company said it was ideal for the classroom.

Why ProProfs?

Managing huge knowledge bases and finding information from them is a very hectic procedure. ProProfs provides the solution to this problem by providing FAQs, analytics and maintenance of data in one software which is easy to use anywhere.

Company Info

ProProfs’ tools for building and testing knowledge are used by millions of users around the globe because of the massive number of languages that the software supports (90+). ProProfs products that include survey based knowledge, quizzes and training tools are used by many Fortune 500 companies namely Sony and Dell along with the top educational institutions in the world like Harvard and Yale. It empowers the employees and customers to apply the knowledge which would result in the increase in productivity, efficiency and profits. ProProfs was founded by Sameer Bhatia on the vision that knowledge should be freely available to people from all walks of life. [youtube=] Take me to their Website

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