Project Management in the IT Environment

Project management in the information technology (IT) sector can be tricky in many ways. In fact, the difficulty in these endeavors are revealed in the relatively high failure rate if IT projects. Very few IT projects are completed on time, within budget, and with all the specifications. With this kind of statistic, there is no doubt that project management skills, technical know-how, and the ability to monitor progress effectively are even more important in the IT environment.

There will be specific challenges that need to be overcome during the project phase itself. Coming prepared with the necessary training allows the project manager to deal with these issues head-on. It is important to learn about industry best practices as well as the latest techniques to find out how to best utilize the allocated resources for a project.

Some of the common reasons why IT projects fail include the following:

Complications with regards to incompatible technologies or hardware problems

This has been the obstacle faced by innumerable project managers. They take on a project, only to realize that the software and systems they intended to use are incompatible with each other. The software may also not be what the stakeholders want for their project.

Meanwhile, system crashes are also not unheard of in project management. The servers may not be able to handle the amount of activity and testing that is being done for the project. All these are possible complications that have to be identified early.

Lack of team members with specialized IT capabilities

With new platforms being introduced on a regular basis, there are few IT professionals who have extensive knowledge on different platforms. Lack of capabilities is a serious challenge for in-house teams. If there is no suitable candidate within the organization, it may be a good idea to hire from the outside.

General lack of understanding on the part of the management who are in charge of IT planning

The people who make the decisions about the project are generally management-level individuals who have minimal background in IT. For this reason, they don’t know how complicated it is to implement the technologies they want. The lack of understanding can lead them to underestimate or overestimate the amount of resources that the project required. This leads us to the next problem:

Underestimation of the amount of time or resources required

There are a host of tech issues that have to be confronted in an IT project. For example, the budget may have a 5-10% allowance in case something goes wrong, but there are cases when things can get very wrong. A serious bug may have interfered with the entire process and everything must be retested to determine if all the features are working properly.

Another example is when the management didn’t allocate enough time for team members to complete a complex project. A setback like this might be manageable if it happens once, but if it happens at each step of the process, then you’re looking at ballooning costs and a long-overdue completion date.

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