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primaERP is a cloud-based time tracking application that can track time of tasks and projects down to the second. With its built-in report generators, users can bill clients and analyze work efficiency according to different groupings. It is easy to use and provides several ways for putting in time, automatically or manually. This online software offers a free plan for up to 3 users and a small fee for additional users.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Simple and flexible Time Entry – primaERP allows users to quickly enter time for their tasks and activities in several ways. A simple click of the stopwatch or a manual entry on an intuitive interface collects time information that can be tracked and summarized in reports. An Impulse panel can automatically preload data and be viewed with past records. The built-in report generator can easily produce time reports that can also be edited directly to track expenses or create billing data.
  • Informative and powerful productivity Tool – It can be used to review the time spent on activities, resources, or projects and mark them as benchmarks of efficiency. This can serve as templates or comparison levels to help businesses be more productive and profitable. Time tracking and evaluation on teams or other groupings help businesses to view overall business performance easily.
  • Detailed Reports, Simple API, Excellent Support – Reports can show down to the second time recording and tracking on tasks and projects, with many filtering and grouping options. The RESTful API allows integration with many applications such as project management systems like Basecamp, calendars, invoicing, and other enterprise resource planning systems. It also provides excellent client support and helpful knowledge base such as demos and walkthroughs to rapidly use the system without time-consuming training.


primaERP is free for up to three users. The fourth user subscription and onwards will cost $3.99 per user per month. It also offers a discounted yearly cost per user of $39.99 or a 3-year plan of $99.00 per user. The features are the same no matter what subscription period is chosen. Registration is free with no commitments or contracts on the part of the user. No credit card is needed when registering.

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Target Market

primaERP as a free software for up to three users is great for both personal and business use. Time spent on activities, whether for productivity or profit can be easily tracked. It is ideal for small business managers, freelancers, project managers, consultants, and professional practice services such as by lawyers, psychiatrists, designers and others who bill by the hour.

Supported Languages

The online software supports the following languages: english, spanish, portuguese, german and czech.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Argos Galaica of Spain, Austrian companies Precom Grafik and Sport Spricht, and technology blog AddictiveTips.


Users from Argos Galaica stated that primaERP is just the time tracking software they are looking for. A Precom user mentioned that he switched to the time tracking tool because it is a great tool. AddicitiveTips blog described that project and task management is very easy with this feature-rich web application.

Why primaERP

An online time tracking software like primaERP that easily captures time entry in many ways with detailed reporting for expense tracking and billing is a valuable tool for any business. Free for up to three users with affordable pricing for additional ones and able to integrate with other applications make it an excellent bargain.

Company Info

primaERP is a division of ABRA Software a.s., a Czech software development company based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company has been developing software for more than 20 years and is a leading IT company with 15,000 customers and several offices in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. It offers many solutions such as ERP, economic, CRM and logistic systems. It also offers services such as software development, web application development, business intelligence, and software consultancy. It has implementation experience in different sectors such as advertising, automotive, retail and ICT companies. Martin Jirmann, who is the CEO since 2008, was also previously Sales Director with the company since 2004.

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