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pmchampion logoChannel Overview

The PMChampion YouTube Channel is maintained by, a provider of PMP certification exam online training courses. It is a company with offices in New York and Montreal that was founded in 2006 by recently certified project professionals who went through their own trainings and exams. Although many training companies already exist, they felt that there was still room for a training company that can give better online training courses and services to PMP candidates who face challenges as they did. Thus, the PMChampion channel began hosting their videos in November 2010, which has been viewed over 17,600 times.

Description of Videos

The PMChampion channel has a collection of 20 videos that mostly are about PMP certification exams, samples of their training products, and different tips on how to successfully prepare for the exam as well as for the career. Most videos are of short duration of less than 10 minutes. However, there are a few videos that are more than 20 minutes. Many of the videos are slide presentations and animations with clear voiceover from a lecturer.

Most Popular PM Video

The most viewed video on the PMChampion channel is titled New PMP Exam – Changes to the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition. It was published in February 2013 and has been watched for over 3700 times. It is a 6:34 minute video that explains what the PMBOK Guide is as well as the detailed changes that took effect on July 31, 2013 regarding the PMP certification exam. For example, the video shows when the previous PMBOK editions came out and informs the viewer of revisions on the Guide every four years. Also, July 31, 2013 as the cut-off date, candidates who took and will take the exam after this date will now get questions about Stakeholders Management, which was one of the changes in the 5th Edition.


Most Recently Uploaded PM Video

The most recently uploaded instructional video on the PMChampion channel is titled Key PMP Exam Activities. It is a presentation almost 27 minutes long, uploaded in September 2013, and talks about four key preparation activities for taking the PMP certification exams. They are exam readiness steps, exam study steps, tips to boost studies, and study materials. These four activities are discussed as major sections of the presentation. Interestingly, the courses on are designed by OSP International, a PMI-certified Registered Education Provider that produces the podcast sites PM Prepcast, PM Podcast and the PDU Podcast.

At about 2 minutes, the instructor discussed the first activity, which is doing the exam readiness steps. The steps include reading the free PMP Credential Handbook, creating a study plan, joining the PMI, and completing the PMP exam application. At about 8:25 minutes, taking exam study steps such as reading the exam content outline, studying the Code of Ethics, listening to PM Prepcast, and using a workbook and/or attending a workshop are discussed. At about 14:25 minutes, boosting exam study preparations by meeting others also preparing for the exams, by participating in online forums, and answering as many sample exam questions as possible is mentioned. The fourth and last activity area at about 18:20 minutes is the identification of needed study material such as the PMBOK Guide and other references.


Other Featured Videos or Playlists

The PMChampion channel has a playlist of five liked videos. It includes the most popular video New PMP Exam and a short animated video that promotes the website for people who doubt if they have no time for training. It also includes a video that discussed the benefits of having certified project managers in construction projects, and a presentation of how to move from a technical position to PM in 10 steps. The fifth video is a video of a person promoting PMChampion as a better strategy for preparing for the PMP exam certification.

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